When is Cholesterol Too High

When is Cholesterol Too High

It has been stated many times by a variety of sources that eating a good balanced diet, and getting moderate amounts of exercise can help keep you healthy throughout your years. One of reasons why it’s important to keep healthy by utilizing those two known tips is that it helps stave of elevated cholesterol levels. Knowing when cholesterol is too high is important, and should be detected before the symptoms start manifesting themselves.

There are many things that lead to elevated cholesterol levels, and many of them are easily thwarted. Simple lifestyle changes can have a wealth of benefits down the road, and help avoid symptoms. Symptoms of high cholesterol usually manifest themselves in severe ways. Some of the most common signs that show up can surprise people are heart attack and stroke. Often times, there are no major warning signs.

It should be noted that noticing cholesterol is too high is not the end of the line. It should be taken as a wake up call to change up lifestyle and dietary choices. Understanding what causes the levels to elevate can really be helpful in deciding what to do once diagnosed. Consider many different sources that might help you move forward.

Among the most obvious sources of elevated risk of cardiovascular disease is poor diet. Many foods that are highly refined processed, or even deep-fried offer fattening acids that can raise cholesterol levels. It’s important to avoid eating transfatty acids, margarines, ice cream, cheese, egg yolks and more. While some people can have these items in limited levels, it’s important to not eat them on a regular basis as they could lead to other risk factors. Eating to many fatty foods can lead to being overweight. Obesity can be a warning sign to other problems in the body, and could enhance the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other major cardio vascular problems.

Another risk factor is physical inactivity. Lack of exercise is one of the major causes of having high cholesterol. Regular exercise can really help improve health overall, and can reverse high cholesterol levels. It’s important to maintain high levels of activity before finding out cholesterol is too high. You don’t necessarily have to overdue it either; you simply need to avoid spending a lot of time sitting around.

It’s important to understand that there are treatments that can be given to individuals that are diagnosed with high cholesterol. Some of the basic treatments include a change of diet and exercise. When these two changes aren’t quite enough to help out, there are prescription medications that have been proven effective in the reduction of cholesterol over time. Most drugs have subtle side effects, and for some have proven to yield drastic results.

Preventing the root causes of disease is vastly important, and in the case of elevated cholesterol levels, it’s relatively simple. Eating a well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables mixed with moderate exercise is the easiest lifestyle choice that you can choose to prevent long-term obesity and disease.

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