Treatment for Obesity in India

Treatment for Obesity in India

Obesity or weight-loss treatments in India are quite popular both for medical purposes and cosmetic reasons. Medical science in India has made significant progress over the years. Large talent pool of skilled doctors combining with modern technology has made the nation very popular in world’s medical tourism destination’s map. Weight-loss solutions (both holistic and surgical) offered in the country are very popular with both native and international patients.

Supported by the above factors medical tourism is showing a robust growth trend in the country. High precision level, availability of modern technology and low cost has made India a popular choice with the Western world. Many patients from US, UK and other European countries are choosing India to receive weight-loss solutions.

The growing awareness about obesity has also made the native population concerned about receiving medical solution for their weight issues. A large number of modern Indians are gathering at health-clinics and slimming centers to get back in shape.

Both of these factors are contributing to the popularity of obesity treatment in India and in the future we are likely see more advancement in this area.

Types of treatments available

Both surgical and non-surgical methods are employed in treating weight issues.

Ayurvedic approach: India has a rich history of holistic healing and the science of ayurveda has accounted many therapeutic solutions to curb weight issues.

Many health centers providing ayurvedic solutions to patients in India are located in pristine environment in spa type establishments. The idea is to offer the patient a calm surrounding that would relax them and make the therapy more effective.

Diet solutions, yoga training, meditation and medication are combined to complete the healing cycle. The treatment process and intensity are likely to vary depending upon the condition of the patient as well as on the method adopted. Moreover, the process can address the weight issues on a whole or treat for the conditions caused by excess weight.

Surgical method: Obesity treatment India also covers surgical process. It can be both for cosmetic reason or to cure ailments related to weight issues. A variety of weight loss treatments are performed in almost all the leading medical institutes in India. Patients are advised to do their homework well before committing themselves to a weight-loss surgery. Some of the surgical procedures performed in India are:

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric BandingLaparoscopic Sleeve GastrectomyR oux-en-y Gastric BypassBilio-pancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch, along withLiposuctionAssisted (laser and ultrasound) liposuction

You may need to receive extensive consultation with your doctor to determine your suitability for the operation, method, healing process, risks and side-effects and maintaining weight after the surgery.

The cost of receiving obesity treatment India can vary to a great extent. If you are planning to receive residential treatment you also need to take into account the cost of staying in the country during the period.

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