Test Tube Baby Procedure: An Overview

Test Tube Baby Procedure: An Overview

Test tube baby is another term used for In Vitro Fertilization procedure. It is the process of making a baby artificially or the process of conceiving through a scientific approach. It is the artificial way of making a baby for infertile couples or for those who cannot conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse.

With the advancement of our biological science and years of research by our expert professionals, now it becomes possible for infertile couples to have their own baby through artificial procedure, popularly known as test tube baby. This process is known as artificial because the fertilization procedure is take place outside the female’s womb and the actual baby is formed inside the laboratory test tube, and hence the baby born through this process, known as test tube baby.

Process includes various steps starting from the retrieving of healthier eggs from the female’s uterus. To stimulate the production of eggs, your doctor’s advised you to take fertility drugs that help for boosting egg maturity to produce test tube baby. Once your eggs are ready for harvesting stage, your doctors retrieve 5 to 15 eggs through ultrasound which is guided through vaginal retrieval. After this your eggs are further processed in laboratory under specialist supervision and at the same time, your partner need to provide his semen sample through which healthier sperm is separated and combined with your harvested eggs in cultural dish in laboratory. After few days when fertilization took place in petri dish and resulted embryos grows, your doctors again transfer 2 or 3 embryos which are most likely to establish pregnancy.

Usually an embryo grows in four to five days, but the chances of conceiving with the embryo are less in comparison to those who reached up to their blastocyst stage. The embryos reached up to its balstocyst stage after six to seven day of retrieval and the success rate of conceiving with these blascocyst embryos is very much high then other one. So it is good to consult with your reproductive team about the detailed information of your embryos.

After one or two weeks of embryos transferred to the female’s uterus, your doctor may call you for ultrasound to ensure whether the pregnancy is established or not. In most of the cases, pregnancy is achieved in first cycle, but if due to some issues it fails, you can go for second cycle. Typically one cycle of IVF test tube baby is not so expensive, and is the most recommendable procedure when other methods have failed.

The baby born through test tube procedure is very much like the parents and yet no serious health issue is noticed in the babies born with the IVF procedure. This method provides a hope for various infertile couples who are unable to conceive naturally and wish to enjoy parenthood.

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