Battle of the Bulge: Obesity Treatment

Battle of the Bulge: Obesity Treatment

Perceived as an even a bigger threat to one’s health than health-related problems such as smoking or drinking, obesity is a medical condition where there is excess body fat, leading to other adverse effects on health. In turn, it can lead to a reduced life expectancy and vulnerability to developing other health problems.

In fact, obesity increasing your chances of developing potentially-life threatening diseases such as heart diseases, type 2diabetes, breast cancer or colon cancer and the likelihood of strokes. It may also damage the quality of life and result in increased levels of depression, low self-esteem and poor self-image. People suffering from this medical condition generally have a body mass index (B.M.I.) exceeds 30 kg/m2.

Obesity treating is a long-term process and may involve years at end. Various changes will have to be made to the lifestyle of the individual. It is aimed at preventing further increase of weight, gradual loss of weight through the combination of both a calorie-controlled diet as well as regular exercise, avoiding regaining any lost weight, improving the general overall health and preventing the risk of any obesity-related complications.

Along with this it may be important to have a one-to-one consultation with a trainer or dietician who can carefully monitor and guide you on your eating habits. Maintaining a book where you write the food intake per day is an extremely helpful habit. This helps bring to your notice how many calories you consume in one day. This way you know where you will be going wrong and where the changes need to be made.

There are a number of weight-loss remedies which are can be extremely challenging and require a high amount of commitment. However, if you are disciplined and stick to the plan you are sure to shed off that extra fat. Usually, weight loss remedies are prescribed after taking into consideration various factors. One of the most important determinants is taking into account your medical history (to see whether it runs in your genes). Usually, after this different remedial solution such as changes in your lifestyle, dieting, exercise programs, etc. can be prescribed.

Stress is also a huge factor. As a result many people tend to overeat. It is important to control the stress factors in one’s life. Counselling plays a pivotal role for people suffering from this medical condition. It can help to understand reasons which trigger emotional and behavioural issues that are related to overeating. This can help you to control overeating and monitor your diet.

A doctor may prescribe a number of weight-loss medications which aid in the process of weight-loss.

In certain, extreme cases, surgery may also be opted for. However, this is not such a popular method and is only sought by those people where they have not responded to other treatment methods.

Obesity is one of the most difficult problems to treat and the person has to have a strong will to adhere to the strict dietary changes as well as incorporation of exercise in their lives.

Obesity if often one of the worst health conditions to be in. Obesity treatment often involves combining a number of different treatment methods.

Natural Remedies for ADHD Treatment Dubai

Natural Remedies for ADHD Treatment Dubai

ADHD is a common condition in children, where they suffer from short attention span which in turn affects various aspects of their life. ADHD also makes children lose interest in their studies as they are not able to focus. At times, effects of ADHD keep the patient away from mingling with other people as they fail to pay attention on one thing steadily. If you also want to give your child rid of this problem and looking for ADHD treatment Dubai then are following things that you can go through without spending heavily on ADHD treatment for your child.

Once you will start consulting Psychiatry Dubai, UAE for ADHD treatment, the first step they will ask you to follow is to change the diet of your child. There are chances that some of the psychiatrists might suggest you dieticians or they themselves give you a preferred diet chart to be followed religiously. The reason behind this is most of the psychiatry Dubai, UAE believe in treating ADHD using natural remedies so that there won’t be any harmful effect on the physical and mental health of children. The motive behind changing diet is that the heavily processed foods which are high on preservatives can worsen the situation in children. They will stop intake of caffeine and limited sugar consumption and the diet chart primarily includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Chicken, turkey will take place of beef and pork as they are healthier in terms of nutrition value. Whole wheat products, olive oil and intake of nuts are among the prominent diet changes that psychiatry Dubai, UAE may suggest to your child to recover faster and respond actively to the treatment.

Some ADHD treatment Dubai physicians might also suggest taking supplements as they will supply essential nutrients which sometimes children fail to gain from diet. Zinc, iron and fatty acids are the common supplements that help in curing ADHD cases. Regular exercising, use of natural herbs like gingko biloba, this herb helps in relieving stress along with lavender and chamomile are also must do natural remedies suggested by psychiatry Dubai UAE.

You can also look for homeopathic ADHD treatment Dubai as it is becoming popular globally. The major advantage of homeopathic treatment is that it has no side effects and is safe even for adolescent kids.

ADHD is a condition which can be fought easily, though you may find eliminating completely difficult but its effects will surely diminish with time, treatment and patience.

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Are There Other Asthma Treatment Reliefs

Are There Other Asthma Treatment Reliefs

Asthma condition in the 21st century has changed our lifestyle completely. Suffering from asthma is obviously no fun and can have quite a negative affect on the daily lives of sufferers, especially to children.

Conventional treatments and remedies almost always help to a certain degree, but one must ask, are there any other effective methods to supplement my existing treatment?

Some “alternative” methods for asthma treatment reliefs include chiropractic manipulation of the spine and rib cage which is thought to improve lung function. Are these treatments really alternative or just another spin-off treatment for many medical practioners.

Is there really alternative asthma treatment?

Another alternative non-conventional method for asthma treatment involves acupuncture which is thought to somehow improve breathing process, however there is no conclusive evidence on this method.

Though not right for everyone, many sufferers of asthma have found relief through the use of alternative herbal medicines in addition to their current asthma treatment.

Herbal medicines can help treat a wide spectrum of conditions and can act as anything from a natural weight loss, to the treatment of insomnia.

Natural asthma formulas usually contain a range of ingredients including blood root, St. John’s Wort, mullein, saw palmetto, wild cherry bark, amongst others.

These natural ingredients work together to effectively aid the process of breathing. Besides the above, using traditional chinese medicine magnolia flower bud (essential oil) can really relieve asthma attacks on adults and children.

So now you’re aware that there are other methods to help treat asthma. Keep in mind that you should never add to, or alter any component of your current asthma treatment without first consulting your physician.

Ask your doctor about “alternative” treatments and become educated on all possible avenues of asthma treatment relief.

It’s estimated that between 20 and 40 million people suffer from the disease and its attacks can be debilitating and frightening, especially if the medication used to treat it produces unwanted side effects like anxiety and chest pain.

Fortunately, there are non-drug remedies to reduce the frequency of asthma attacks in Blacks and decrease severity when they do occur. Alternative remedies include acupuncture, breathing exercises, diet, environmental changes and nutritional supplements. Let’s briefly look at each.

1) Pins & Needles
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that relieves pain and other conditions by the placement of small needles that stimulate certain responsive parts of the body’s nervous system.

It has been proven effective in maintaining proper lung function, a key necessity for asthma sufferers. Contrary to its painful image of pin and needle-pricked skin, most acupuncture patients find the experience totally painless and experience immediate relief from symptoms.

But effective acupuncture is both a science and an art and should be administered by licensed professionals only.

2) Take A Deep Breath
Most of us are guilty of shallow breathing, an especially serious problem for asthmatics who can’t exhale with force.

Air gets trapped in the lungs causing the gasping seizures so typical of the disease. Breathing exercises that fully engage the diaphragm to draw air in and out are an effective way to strengthen the lungs and control attacks.

Yoga adepts who emphasize the importance of good breathing as fundamental to good health recommend the following techniques. First, relax. Put yourself in a meditative pose and focus on peaceful imagery.

Second, breathe in deeply while visualizing your stomach (diaphragm) expanding and contracting, rather than your chest. Last, count your breaths. Inhale on three counts and exhale on six. Exhale through slightly parted lips.

3) Watch What You Eat – Your diet
Sugar, salt and processed foods are bad, bad, bad! They can trigger inflammation and allergic reactions that produce asthmatic episodes, so evaluate your diet and eliminate these no-no’s. Then use the strategy employed when introducing first foods to babies.

Eat only one food at a time, milk for example, to see if it triggers an allergic or asthmatic reaction. If it can be tolerated with good results, add other foods one by one to determine whether or not they’re a safe addition to your diet.

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Think About Professional Eyesight Treatment In Order To Improve Your Eye Sight

Think About Professional Eyesight Treatment In Order To Improve Your Eye Sight

One has to totally explore if lasik laser treatment is the best alternative. With regard to individuals that have to put on their own contact lenses first thing in the morning, remove them at evening is really unpleasant and depressing too.

For most people who would like to proceed in for vision treatment, corrective eye surgery is the right solution. Clearly lasik is actually becoming significantly trendy, kudos to the advertisements put up everywhere and the understanding produced about it. It is critical to realize the entire theory of lasik prior to taking the dive. Recognize from your vision doctor what it requires so that you are definitively clear about what to expect. This method would additionally conserve a lot of problems and headache in the future. Your medical doctor would certainly offer an individual an option on exactly what the surgical procedure requires and important components to be considered before carrying on for the operation.

Very first and most important set up an meeting with the optometrist. The doctor would certainly advocate that you don your own glasses at least for a fortnight and not put on the contact lenses, just before continuing for the surgical procedure. It is critical to notice that donning of contacts definitely impacts the structure of your cornea and therefore to get back your natural corneal design, you need to put on your eyeglasses and do away with the contact lenses. Once the doctor is satisfied with the advancement you are making, he or she might suggest whether you are eligible for the operation. If the health professionals offers the green signal, the subsequent action is to teach you on aspects of surgical procedure, dangers implicated, expense element, the merits of lasik and so on. It is critical to get points clarified and actually if the questions sound to be absurd, it is far better to put forth your requests, so that you are not in for a surprise in the last minute. When the eye expert has clarified your queries to your fullest extent, you can then go on.

Keep in mind refractive eye surgery is a pain-free technique of surgery treatment where the eye is anesthetized with eye drops. Individuals do experience slight uneasiness after the eye drops are completed. The soreness and discomfort remains for only some hours and later on you would likely feel definitely okay. The pros of cataract surgery are huge. The treatment requires about a moment or so. Persons can see the final results within a week of the surgical procedure. These people are set up for the rest of their life from the inconvenience of needing to wear eye glasses and many other problems associated along with it.

Even soon after the operation, it is actually advocated that an individual consistently carry out appointments to the optometrist so as to learn the improvement and also the condition of your eyes. Regardless of what lasik laser treatment an individual prefer, make sure that you get the total facts. Eyes are usually the most sensitive part of your own body and you can take no chances. Negligence on your part may possibly prove to be genuinely high risk, hence assure that you generate the appropriate assessment by performing a extensive analysis.

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Treatment for Obesity in India

Treatment for Obesity in India

Obesity or weight-loss treatments in India are quite popular both for medical purposes and cosmetic reasons. Medical science in India has made significant progress over the years. Large talent pool of skilled doctors combining with modern technology has made the nation very popular in world’s medical tourism destination’s map. Weight-loss solutions (both holistic and surgical) offered in the country are very popular with both native and international patients.

Supported by the above factors medical tourism is showing a robust growth trend in the country. High precision level, availability of modern technology and low cost has made India a popular choice with the Western world. Many patients from US, UK and other European countries are choosing India to receive weight-loss solutions.

The growing awareness about obesity has also made the native population concerned about receiving medical solution for their weight issues. A large number of modern Indians are gathering at health-clinics and slimming centers to get back in shape.

Both of these factors are contributing to the popularity of obesity treatment in India and in the future we are likely see more advancement in this area.

Types of treatments available

Both surgical and non-surgical methods are employed in treating weight issues.

Ayurvedic approach: India has a rich history of holistic healing and the science of ayurveda has accounted many therapeutic solutions to curb weight issues.

Many health centers providing ayurvedic solutions to patients in India are located in pristine environment in spa type establishments. The idea is to offer the patient a calm surrounding that would relax them and make the therapy more effective.

Diet solutions, yoga training, meditation and medication are combined to complete the healing cycle. The treatment process and intensity are likely to vary depending upon the condition of the patient as well as on the method adopted. Moreover, the process can address the weight issues on a whole or treat for the conditions caused by excess weight.

Surgical method: Obesity treatment India also covers surgical process. It can be both for cosmetic reason or to cure ailments related to weight issues. A variety of weight loss treatments are performed in almost all the leading medical institutes in India. Patients are advised to do their homework well before committing themselves to a weight-loss surgery. Some of the surgical procedures performed in India are:

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric BandingLaparoscopic Sleeve GastrectomyR oux-en-y Gastric BypassBilio-pancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch, along withLiposuctionAssisted (laser and ultrasound) liposuction

You may need to receive extensive consultation with your doctor to determine your suitability for the operation, method, healing process, risks and side-effects and maintaining weight after the surgery.

The cost of receiving obesity treatment India can vary to a great extent. If you are planning to receive residential treatment you also need to take into account the cost of staying in the country during the period.

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