Treatment for Obesity in India

Treatment for Obesity in India

Obesity or weight-loss treatments in India are quite popular both for medical purposes and cosmetic reasons. Medical science in India has made significant progress over the years. Large talent pool of skilled doctors combining with modern technology has made the nation very popular in world’s medical tourism destination’s map. Weight-loss solutions (both holistic and surgical) offered in the country are very popular with both native and international patients.

Supported by the above factors medical tourism is showing a robust growth trend in the country. High precision level, availability of modern technology and low cost has made India a popular choice with the Western world. Many patients from US, UK and other European countries are choosing India to receive weight-loss solutions.

The growing awareness about obesity has also made the native population concerned about receiving medical solution for their weight issues. A large number of modern Indians are gathering at health-clinics and slimming centers to get back in shape.

Both of these factors are contributing to the popularity of obesity treatment in India and in the future we are likely see more advancement in this area.

Types of treatments available

Both surgical and non-surgical methods are employed in treating weight issues.

Ayurvedic approach: India has a rich history of holistic healing and the science of ayurveda has accounted many therapeutic solutions to curb weight issues.

Many health centers providing ayurvedic solutions to patients in India are located in pristine environment in spa type establishments. The idea is to offer the patient a calm surrounding that would relax them and make the therapy more effective.

Diet solutions, yoga training, meditation and medication are combined to complete the healing cycle. The treatment process and intensity are likely to vary depending upon the condition of the patient as well as on the method adopted. Moreover, the process can address the weight issues on a whole or treat for the conditions caused by excess weight.

Surgical method: Obesity treatment India also covers surgical process. It can be both for cosmetic reason or to cure ailments related to weight issues. A variety of weight loss treatments are performed in almost all the leading medical institutes in India. Patients are advised to do their homework well before committing themselves to a weight-loss surgery. Some of the surgical procedures performed in India are:

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric BandingLaparoscopic Sleeve GastrectomyR oux-en-y Gastric BypassBilio-pancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch, along withLiposuctionAssisted (laser and ultrasound) liposuction

You may need to receive extensive consultation with your doctor to determine your suitability for the operation, method, healing process, risks and side-effects and maintaining weight after the surgery.

The cost of receiving obesity treatment India can vary to a great extent. If you are planning to receive residential treatment you also need to take into account the cost of staying in the country during the period.

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The Relationship Between Fast Food And Obesity

by colros

The Relationship Between Fast Food And Obesity

Today, fast food became a way of life. Some studies have shown that by just eating two fastfood meals a week, exactly what they ate didn’t seem to matter much. Breakfast sandwiches, fries, burgers and nuggets all meant a greater risk of obesity and it can increase the chances of obesity by 50%. It is not only fast, cheap and convenient, it also tastes good, making it harder to resist. It contains high levels of sodium, refined sugar, oil and refined flour. This combination alone can be harmful to one health as well as cause obesity.

Some fact show that Fast Food Cause Obesity?

Many doctors and experts are concern about obesity in today, with the rise in obesity they start to question and study whether fast food can cause obesity. There are many facts show that eating too many fast food meal per weeks will cause obesity. Some of the facts are:

– Obesity rates is increase every year
– Many people choosing fast food as their primary food
– Cheap and convenient, fast-food restaurants everywhere
– A lot of fast-food advertisements

It is little wonder that fast food and obesity go hand in hand. There have been countless studies that show that fast-foods are of poor and low nutritional value. The typical fast food meal consists of low quality carbohydrates, white bread, high levels of saturated fat and a sugary soda. Usually, it also has relatively low fiber content. Fast-food has high caloric density, before you know about it; you will have overeaten and put on weight. So it does cause obesity.

BMI and You

A lot of researchers report that fast food can cause obesity; especially those families that choose it as a meal more than three times a week do run a higher risk of obesity and larger BMI’s. The BMI, or body mass index, is a formula that doctors use to determine exactly how overweight a person is. A BMI of a number between 25 and 30 means the patient is overweight, if 30 or more is an indication of obesity. About 70% of adults in our country can be classified as overweight, and about 35% Adults is considered obese. These are very high figures and many of them having high BMI, when you know that obesity can lead to health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Our lifestyle choices also might affect our body weight as well. For example, if you and your family members visiting the fast food chains frequently, then you have a tendency to keep less healthy and high nutritional choices in at your home. The absence of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains can make the effects of the fries and burgers that much more severe. Some study show that slender teenagers know how to take balance food, example if they choose it on occasion will balance that choice by consuming fewer calories the rest of the day. But overweight teenagers don’t know or can not control to take balance food. While there is evidence to show that it causes obesity, it seems that other factors and choices come into play as well.

The Risk for Diabetes

Experts on fast food and obesity say there is now an alarming rate of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the United States. These numbers have continued to rise in the past few years. A study found those who eating lots of fast food gained 10 pounds more than those who did so less often, and increases twice the chance of developing an insulin disorder that directly linked to diabetes. The sedentary lifestyle, are rapidly becoming one of the top causes for type II diabetes and coronary artery disease. The high carbohydrate content of fast-food may cause the bodies inability to produce the amount of insulin needed to deal with the sugar levels produced after a meal. This may lead to increase sugar levels and block arteries.

Some Improvement

While some fast-food restaurants have begun offering healthier alternatives, including fruit, whole-grain bread, lower-fat fries, salads, as well as bottled water, rather than sodas.

However, this seems to be a rather weak and slow response, even though it is a step in the right direction. But, it does show that even the fast food restaurants acknowledge that their food cause obesity.

Always make your good choice

If you are concerned about whether fast food causes obesity, you can take time to practice healthy lifestyle, make choices for healthy eating that do not have to include avoiding fast-food all of the time. You can balance the occasional burger with plenty of healthy food options in between, and make sure that you go for regular exercise as well. With some wise and healthy choices, you do not have to worry whether fast food will cause obesity to you.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. Visit fast food obesity to learn more about fast food and obesity in america and other causes of childhood obesity.

Side Effects of Obesity Surgery, Obesity Treatment India

Side Effects of Obesity Surgical procedure, Weight problems Remedy India

Obesity is a common issue and there are a number of elements that result in this wellness problem. Some of the widespread reason behind this kind of health problem is lowered physical exercise and extra intake of foods and calorie. Sometime heredity can also be the purpose behind this kind of concern.

You can fight with the dilemma and drop bodyweight by consuming healthy and doing regular workout. There are specific situations the place the body bodyweight becomes too much and individuals start suffering from particular wellness disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, large cholesterol and so on. In this kind of a situation doctors recommend obesity surgery. In the surgical treatment the medical professionals reduce the size of the abdomen. This decreases the appetite of the patient and ultimately helps in losing excess weight. The surgical procedure is not really lengthy and the recovery time is also very significantly less but it does have some side effect. Right here are some of the post operation side results that a patient may well encounter.

1. Sufferers encounter nausea and vomiting issue after weight problems surgical procedure. Some even complain abdominal discomfort. If the sufferers consider to eat meals in big volume, chew significantly less or take large bite dimension of foods then they may possibly have to face these difficulties. Dehydration can also be a explanation behind nausea. Sufferers are advised to consume slowly and drink ample fluid by physicians.

two. Dehydration must be prevented soon after the surgical procedure. Minimum two liter of water consumption is vital but the sufferers might encounter problem in drinking the recommended volume in the original handful of weeks after the surgical treatment.

three. Sufferers may also face change in bowel motion and women’s complain constipation issue. The sufferers need to consist of lots of fruits and greens in their every day diet program. To stay away from dehydration try out taking fruits juice and other type of liquid which helps in maintaining fluid level.

four. Multivitamins are usually prescribed by physicians following the weight problems surgical procedure. This is really vital due to the fact several, especially women’s complain hair thinning dilemma as submit operative problem.

5. Dry, sticky and fiber wealthy meals consumption can be tough for some right after the surgery. This happens since of the diminished abdomen dimension. To deal with the meals intolerance situation patients must sustain fluid level, eat little volume of healthful food at typical interval, chew the foods properly and also stay away from meals with higher sugar content material.
six. Following the surgical treatment sufferers might come to feel cold simply because of the adjust in metabolism.

seven. Right after the surgical treatment when the sufferers drop weight their skin also starts shrinking to modify with the body size. Occasionally individuals encounter extra skin situation following the operation.

Occasionally these troubles can be noticed on some frequent exposed area like thigh, breast and so on. Doctor’s recommend plastic surgical treatment to patients who want to get rid of this situation.
Weight problems is a significant concern in India and the purpose behind it is the life-style and consuming habit. Individuals in India love spice and calorie rich meals which sooner or later will get stored in our entire body. Weight problems treatment method India is attainable because there are several hospitals with skilled medical doctors. You can make an on-line search and get in touch with them for even more advice and remedy.

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Fleet Drivers And Other Professional Drivers Risk A Host Of Heath Issues Connected With Obesity

Fleet Drivers And Other Expert Drivers Threat A Host Of Heath Issues Connected With Obesity

The much more you spend time in the vehicle, the significantly less lively you turn out to be. This is probably the most easy connection in between obesity and prolonged phrase engagement in skilled driving.

Today, several street accidents are brought on by obesity. Most obese drivers are not capable of buckling up their seatbelts due to their dimension. According to statistics, failure to buckle up seatbelts can aggravate the wellness conditions of patients in situation of accidents. In worst situations, it might cause death.

What is Obesity?
In accordance to the Planet Well being Organization, obesity is a problem mostly characterized by extreme levels of accumulated fats in the entire body which can impose harm and hazards to human health. A entire body mass index (BMI) of 25 -29 is regarded as obese while thirty and beyond belong to the obese degree.

When left unaddressed, obesity increases one’s chance for other critical wellness problems this kind of as cartilage and bone degeneration (osteoarthritis), coronary heart disease, gall bladder ailment, hypertension (higher blood pressure). It also increases a person’s chance for higher cholesterol, respiratory problems, cancer, rest apnea, stroke and Variety 2 diabetes.

Obesity can set off specified bodily troubles like issues in operating or strolling, increased sweating, enhanced breathing, skin ailments like acne, gall stones, neck ache and backaches.

Why Obesity Develops?
In common, observing an unhealthy life-style could be regarded as as the prime issue which can contribute to the advancement of weight problems. Unhealthy way of life involves excessive consumption of calories, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercising and inadequate volume of rest.

Nevertheless, some circumstances of weight problems are triggered by genetic factors and overall health conditions like hypothyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Also, consumption of prescription drugs this kind of as corticosteroids, oral contraceptives and antidepressants can cause excess weight gain.

What Tends to make Specialist Drivers Far more Susceptible to Suffer from Obesity?
Compared to other doing work groups, professional drivers are observing a quantity of unhealthy and non-conducive lifestyles which contribute substantially in the occurrence of obesity.

Overconsumption of calories mostly takes place in produced nations. Even so, there are functioning groups which eat increased than standard ranges of calories. Instead of succumbing to a healthful diet program composed of fruits and salads, several drivers have a tendency to eat more of foods wealthy in fats and carbohydrates.

Also, there is a wide availability of foods rich in sugar, fats and carbohydrates in comfort stores. Over consumption of these kinds of meals is scientifically verified to be effective in rising the degree of fats in the physique to an alarming degree.

In accordance to scientific studies, residing a sedentary life-style is one particular of the major contributors in the occurrence of obesity. Most specialist drivers devote most of their driving. However their doing work environment is mobile, drivers are keeping a reclining or sitting position for a time period of time which can make them vulnerable to turning into obese.

Drivers lack physical routines which have an effect on the degree of calories burnt in the entire body. Instead of receiving burnt, these calories have a tendency to develop up as fats. In effect, obesity is far more probably to come. Some scientific studies demonstrate that bodily actions can have an effect on the degree of hormones in the physique and how they digest foods. Normal exercising truly helps in acquiring a wholesome insulin level. Unstable level of insulin is associated with excess weight acquire.

Even sleep deprivation can cause weight problems. In accordance to research, sleep deprivation can actually set off drastic hormonal modifications which can boost one’s appetite substantially. Lack of sleep stimulates the physique to enhance its manufacturing of Ghrelin, an appetite stimulating hormone, whilst reducing its leptin manufacturing, an appetite suppressant hormone.

What Can Drivers Do To Deal with Obesity Properly?
Basically, the major objectives of weight problems treatments are to accomplish and sustain a healthier excess weight degree. Any reduction in fat level can support in dealing with obesity. Excess weight reduction does not have to happen abruptly. It in fact takes time and requires a quantity of lifestyle adjustments which includes elevated bodily exercise and dietary modifications.

Dietary Changes
Everyday calorie intake need to be lowered. This can be accomplished by means of enhanced consumption of whole grains, fruits and veggies. On the other hand, intake of food items wealthy in sugar, fats and carbohydrates need to be lowered.

Increased Physical Action
Typical workout is almost certainly a single of the most successful signifies of dropping excess weight. The more you move your entire body, the much more calories are burnt. A healthy diet program with normal exercising will undoubtedly make a great distinction.

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Tips for Parent to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Guidelines for Mother or father to Avoid Childhood Weight problems

Childhood Obesity is the most typical disorder found amongst vast majority of natives. Weight problems is not just a single issue rather it is a gateway to a quantity of bodily and mental troubles. As a result, it is a essential concern of concern amid all parents today.

Childhood weight problems is a severe concern in today’s society. It also comes in with a number of psychological issues among little ones, such as minimal self esteem, inferiority complicated, dread to face public, and so forth.

Common Causes of childhood obesity are poor diet plan construction, lack of bodily exercising, unfit way of life, and genetic disorder.

The above childhood obesity details require urgent interest in purchase to save their existence and shield them becoming a victim of essential disorders. Total dad and mom assistance is necessary as they are the prime supply of advice and motivation for little ones. Right here are the most powerful techniques to conserve your kid from the harsh problem of weight problems:

one.Set repair time limit to play video games and personal computer games. Very same need to be utilized for watching tv also. Sitting for hours in front of computer or television helps make your kid boring, inactive and lethargic, which promotes obesity.

2.Preserve your kid away from rapidly meals and junk food. These are negative meals selections and add some added calories to your child’s weight, practically nothing else. Produce a habit of eating wellness and nutritious food in your kid. For this, love this kind of meals yourself. In addition, try out to have a family meal rather of consuming individually. When your little one will observe you consuming and enjoying wholesome foods, he’ll definitely do the identical.

3.Let your young children come out of the weight problems disorder by making a habit of standard outside enjoying and bodily exercising. This is nevertheless an additional extremely effective way to keep match by burning additional calories and information of the physique. Right here again, the mother or father should be a component of outside pursuits with his/her children. Additionally, do not compel your child to play a certain game or exercising. Allow him play any outside game he wishes to, presented it is safe.

4.By no means threaten your child to quit eating unhealthy stuffs. This kind of threats will improve the problem rather than diminishing it. Additionally, this will make your child be stubborn and non reactive to directions.

5.Prepare range of yummy and health dishes as an alternative of following the same dull menu every single alternate day. Range is the spice of existence and is loved by youngsters. It is not that a wholesome food are not able to be tasty.

Currently being a parent, make sure that you are a portion of each and each and every tip discussed above so as to avoid obesity in your kid. Don’t forget, your little one is your shadow and will stick to what you do.

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