Facing Childhood Obesity – Let’s take on

Facing Childhood Obesity – Let’s take on

Childhood obesity can be defined as the buildup of excessive or abnormal fat that can harm the health. It is a medical condition generally effecting teenagers and children. Children have minor weight related medical and health problems as compared to adults. Generally over weighted children are at the higher risk of becoming overweight adults with the risk of developing chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure for further life. Overweight children at times may also develop stress, sadness, and low-esteem and can lead to depression also.

What Causes Obesity in Kids?

There are varieties of reasons for a child being overweight and obese. Genetic factors, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits are the most common cause for this disorder. In a very rare scenario, medical conditions like hormonal problem can be the reason of obesity.

Physical exam and blood tests can be done to check the possibility of medical condition as the cause for obesity.

Family history does play a vital role for children getting overweight but it is not necessary in every scenario. It all depends on the eating and activity habits of the member of the family.

Diet and activity level play an important role to check a child’s weight. In today’s time, several children spent a lot of time being inactive like spending more hours each day watching television or sleeping or playing computer and video games, etc.

What Diseases Are Obese Children at Risk For?

Being overweight is a root cause for several other diseases like:

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol level
Early Heart Diseases
Bone problems
Acne, fungal infection and various skin disease

Symptoms of obesity:

The symptoms of obesity are as follows:

Trouble in sleeping
Shortness of breath/ breathing problem
Osteoarthritis in weight-bearing joints, especially knees


The diagnosis can be done in various ways:
By calculating BMI (Body Mass Index):
BMI includes height and weight, is BMI of a body is 30 or more it clearly shows of obesity.

By Skin Calipers:
Calipers are the instrument used to measure the thickness of the skin. This can used to calculate the fat of the body.

Waist circumference is used to measure abdominal obesity. Women with waist size more than 35 inches and men more than 40 inches are at higher risk of obesity.

Obesity prevention can be done in various ways:
Maintaining a healthy body weight
Eating a well-balanced diet
Exercise on daily basis/regularly

Prevention of obesity is mandatory as once fat cells develop into the body they stay on forever, though we can reduce down the size of the fat cells controlling over our increased weight.

Weights loss can be achieved by:
Consuming less calories on daily basis
Increasing the activity and exercise time on daily routine
Prescribed diet pills from consulted doctor along with calorie restricted diet.
Surgery- Weight loss surgery called bariatric surgery can be considered if the BMI is greater than 40.

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Acid Reflux: What Obesity has to do with it.

Acid Reflux: What Obesity has to do with it.

Eight studies from the researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, US, indicated that the symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease are increased by having a high BMI or body mass index. Acid Reflux symptoms can increase by as much as 50 percent in overweight people compared to people with normal weight. Obesity is not good news at all.

It was shown in 2006 by Dr. B Jacobson, from Boston University of Medicine, USA, that digestive health is affected by excess weight. A normal weight person gaining a bit of weight, can still look fine and not be considered obese, but could still become more prone to Acid Reflux. Also a person who notices his Acid Reflux symptoms become more severe can shed a few pounds to help relieve those symptoms.

So does being overweight matter?

Imagine layers and layers of excess body fat compressing the stomach, pushing it in, localizing and trapping stomach acids in little natural enclosures in the stomach folds so formed. Then the effects of indiscriminately imbibed food, and resultant hernias. And we are still not considering the hormonal modifications going on in the body that cause your obesity, and possibly, some problems in most of your body functions, like digestion.

Twenty percent of Americans today suffer from periodic Acid Reflux disease or GERD. Acid Reflux can then interfere with daily things like eating or sleeping. Obesity is becoming an epidemic today and helps to add to this percentage. Certain cancers including cancer of the esophagus have been linked to obesity.

Obese people tend to have weaker esophageal sphincters, and they more often develop a condition related to Acid Reflux called hiatal hernia, in which the upper part of the stomach protrudes above the diaphragm. Think about that. There is limited space and there is so much, to fit in. No wonder some folds become permanent hernias.

Another concern for people suffering from Acid Reflux is that research shows that even when undergoing a surgery for weight loss, Acid Reflux can still worsen. Opinions conflict over whether to treat an overweight person through surgery.

Obesity increases abdominal pressure and causes stomach contents to back into the food pipe. Obesity also contributes to slower movement and less exercise as well as loss of various muscled tones. Among those affected could be the Esophageal Sphincter.

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Alternative Obesity Treatments

Alternative Obesity Treatments

For most overweight people, the finest approach of weight loss is an adjustment in lifestyle through far better diet plan and also exercise. Others might need to take prescription or have surgical procedure in order to lose weight.

Changing Behavior

Lots of obese people attempt to slim down by accident diet programs or creating impractical physical exercise programs. Establishing lifelike, healthy and balanced targets for weight loss is necessary to reducing weight to a healthy and balanced number and for maintaining a healthy and balanced way of life essential for keeping weight at an excellent degree. Overweight folks have to likewise recognize circumstances or foods that induce them to wish to overeat and lessen their exposure to these sets off.

Transforming Diet Regimen

As soon as an obese individual has intended a healthy and balanced and also accountable modification of behavior, he or she needs to do the exact same factor in terms of diet plan. The finest strategy to shedding weight via weight loss is to lose weight gradually and gradually.

Transforming Physical Exertion Levels

An additional essential component of modification for the obese is determining a regular exercise regimen. This does not have to be marathon-level task; even just vehicle parking a greater distance back in a parking area or making use of the stairways instead of the elevator could assist the overweight burn fat. Some workouts are risky for obese individuals due to weight; several fitness centers have personal trainers that can aid obese folks come up with safe physical exercise regimens that will aid them burn calories and also stimulate the metabolic process without running the risk of bodily damage.

Taking Medication

Some people have difficulty reducing weight via diet as well as exercise and require some medical aid to lose weight. While most of these medications could have some negative adverse effects, they could additionally help obese individuals go down a few of the weight that they are battling to lose with dieting as well as workout. Those which do not would like to take the medicine forever may just intend to take the medication long good enough to shed a certain amount of weight that will make exercising simpler. Fastin, Meridia, Phentermine, as well as Xenical are all instances of weight-loss medicines.

Undergoing Surgical Procedure

Bariatric surgery is an option for the morbidly obese who simply can not reduce weight differently. The procedure involves sealing a suitable portion of the stomach, limiting the quantity of calories one can consume. People that choose this option will certainly need to dedicate to unique dietary as well as way of living considerations as a result of this surgery.

Looking Ahead

Obesity science has evolved in terms of understanding the complex nature of obesity as well as the a number of procedures that are often essential to treat it. Advancements in neuro-regulatory science and obesity medication have produced encouraging outcomes that will certainly bring better treatment to the obese.

An additional way to manage diabetes & obesity. A startup called Gelesis seeks to treat excessive weight in a new way. The medical device is attempting to safely treat obesity without the need for major surgery or use of traditional weight loss drugs.

Battle of the Bulge: Obesity Treatment

Battle of the Bulge: Obesity Treatment

Perceived as an even a bigger threat to one’s health than health-related problems such as smoking or drinking, obesity is a medical condition where there is excess body fat, leading to other adverse effects on health. In turn, it can lead to a reduced life expectancy and vulnerability to developing other health problems.

In fact, obesity increasing your chances of developing potentially-life threatening diseases such as heart diseases, type 2diabetes, breast cancer or colon cancer and the likelihood of strokes. It may also damage the quality of life and result in increased levels of depression, low self-esteem and poor self-image. People suffering from this medical condition generally have a body mass index (B.M.I.) exceeds 30 kg/m2.

Obesity treating is a long-term process and may involve years at end. Various changes will have to be made to the lifestyle of the individual. It is aimed at preventing further increase of weight, gradual loss of weight through the combination of both a calorie-controlled diet as well as regular exercise, avoiding regaining any lost weight, improving the general overall health and preventing the risk of any obesity-related complications.

Along with this it may be important to have a one-to-one consultation with a trainer or dietician who can carefully monitor and guide you on your eating habits. Maintaining a book where you write the food intake per day is an extremely helpful habit. This helps bring to your notice how many calories you consume in one day. This way you know where you will be going wrong and where the changes need to be made.

There are a number of weight-loss remedies which are can be extremely challenging and require a high amount of commitment. However, if you are disciplined and stick to the plan you are sure to shed off that extra fat. Usually, weight loss remedies are prescribed after taking into consideration various factors. One of the most important determinants is taking into account your medical history (to see whether it runs in your genes). Usually, after this different remedial solution such as changes in your lifestyle, dieting, exercise programs, etc. can be prescribed.

Stress is also a huge factor. As a result many people tend to overeat. It is important to control the stress factors in one’s life. Counselling plays a pivotal role for people suffering from this medical condition. It can help to understand reasons which trigger emotional and behavioural issues that are related to overeating. This can help you to control overeating and monitor your diet.

A doctor may prescribe a number of weight-loss medications which aid in the process of weight-loss.

In certain, extreme cases, surgery may also be opted for. However, this is not such a popular method and is only sought by those people where they have not responded to other treatment methods.

Obesity is one of the most difficult problems to treat and the person has to have a strong will to adhere to the strict dietary changes as well as incorporation of exercise in their lives.

Obesity if often one of the worst health conditions to be in. Obesity treatment often involves combining a number of different treatment methods.

Obesity – Causes and Diseases

Obesity – Causes and Diseases

New medications are currently produced and introduced to the market to cater for the imposing obesity ailment in humans. The medications are in fact of herbal origin; extracts of plant parts and the purified active principles, which are presented in the form of pills, drinks, ointments and gels, with the view of reducing the body fat through excessive burning or undue release.

Parents tend to forget that their teenagers are dealing with lots of different things in their life. They are pressured to do well in school and behave socially; however, they are also very hormonal creatures at this time. They don’t understand it but their bodies are rapidly changing for the first time since they were born. They are finally learning the critical thinking process of making their own decisions. Combine these things and it’s no wonder they are unable to make the correct decisions about healthy foods and exercise.

The slimming effects are successful in many cases, though the goal can be achieved through regular and moderate feeding with low calorie food and strenuous body exercise.

Being obese is a lot more serious than many of us think. That is why the symptoms of obesity are an important factor in finding out if someone is obese or just chubby. Obesity is more than just a few pounds overweight. Obesity can lead to an assortment of medical and mental conditions. Around the world, society is facing a problem that is continually growing, which is child obesity and obesity in general.

When you are packing a lot of fat in your body, excess fat tend to lie around your waist and chest or hips and buttocks, making you apple shaped or pear shaped, no offense intended. Conditions such as these are surely one of the symptoms of obesity. Obese men are likely to have huge waistlines, while women have a propensity to carry extra fat on their hips and buttocks. Some obese women though, who are past the menopausal stage, tend to become apple shaped.

There are various symptoms of obesity that one should look for, like those mentioned above. Varicose veins could also occur, and in some women, irregular periods due to the excess fat upsetting the balance of hormones in the body. As you can see, obesity can cause a lot of problems. You can start fighting obesity by trying to look for these symptoms. Prevention is always the key in battling obesity, but you can start just by studying the symptoms.

Change how your family eats so that you support your child’s weight loss attempt. Do not let your family make the decisions about supper. Instead, let them know what you are going to fix. If your child is hungry, give them food but make them eat is slowly. Mealtime should be done together and not in front of the television set. Never use food for a reward system and don’t withhold food to punish your child. Ensure that your child gets plenty of water and limit their intake of soda/caffeine.

By changing how your home eats and exercise, your overweight/obese child can begin to lose his/her weight. However, if you need further help, consider the assistance of a weight loss camp (formerly known as fat camps). Weight loss camps for kids are designed to teach campers how to eat and exercise properly.