US Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional

US Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional

A Florida federal judge, Justice Roger Vinson of the U.S. District Court in Pensacola, Florida ruled, 1/31/2011, that the thinking behind the 2700 page, $ 938 billion health reform bill passed last year – the individual mandate – is illegal. Right. You heard me – the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare unconstitutional. Typically, they put a severability clause in legislation so that if one part of the law is held to be unconstitutional the rest stands. Guess what! They didn’t put in that clause. Judge Roger Vinson bravely followed long standing precedent and case law in ruling ObamaCare unconstitutional.

Justice Vinson wrote, “Because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable, the entire Act must be declared void.. This has been a difficult decision to reach, and I am aware that it will have indeterminable implications…”

There was a similar ruling by Judge Henry Hudson in Virgina last year and 26 states have joined in a suit seeking to overturn the bloated bill that would take 16 percent of the American economy and put it under historically inefficient governmental control.

Judge Henry Hudson in an earlier ruling had found that to force citizens to buy only government insurance and then fine them if they didn’t was actually a tax. President Obama has consistently maintained that it was not a tax. Liar!

The United States Constitution does not force someone to do something they were not already doing. “It would be a radical departure from existing case law to hold that Congress can limit inactivity under the Commerce Clause… Everyone must participate in the food market…under this logic, Congress could (mandate) that every adult purchase and consume wheat bread daily. If they didn’t buy wheat bread they might have a bad diet which would put a strain on the health care system,” Vinson writes.

Then he gave another analogy, “Congress could require that everyone above a certain income threshold buy a General Motors automobile – now partially government owned – because those who do not by GM cars (or those who buy foreign cars) are adversely impacting commerce and a taxpayer-subsidized business. The individual mandate exceeds Congress’ commerce power, as it is understood, defined and applied in the existing Supreme Court case law.”

U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming) issued this, “A federal judge in Florida confirmed today what I have been hearing all over Wyoming – President Obama’s budget-busting health care law simply does not pass constitutional muster. The ObamaCare mandate, which is central to the President’s health care law, represents an unprecedented overreach that encroaches on the rights guaranteed to all Americans under the Constitution. Today’s ruling hit the bull’s-eye.”

Next step is for the case to go the Supreme Court where Justice Anthony Kennedy is the swing vote. This probably won’t happen in 2011 and the mandate element of this unconstitutional ObamaCare doesn’t kick in until 2014. There is still time for you to lobby against the Obama administration tyranny. President Obama has appointed two left leaning judges recently to the Supreme Court of our land.

What if you were a young person struggling to start a business and made the decision to not pay to join the unconstitutional ObamaCare because you needed every cent to keep it going? You would be fined plus have to pay the policy. Dark ages all over again! Is debtor prison next?

There is bound to be health care rationing in a deflation economy and Greater Depression. Reduced property, sales, income and capital gains tax revenues due to the downturn will hurt city, county and state government the most since they cannot print money. The U.S. government will, however, be stressed to the max in a depression three times as large and three times longer than the 1930’s depression. Plan on it! This will lead to long lines, long waits and denial of service because of age. The economic reality of deflation and the Greater Depression will cause governments at all levels to tighten their belts.

No matter how bad the deflation economy and Greater Depression gets we need to protect out Constitution from being further eroded by statist socialist subterfuge if we want any freedom and liberty at all. Free enterprise is the only system that works. President Obama policies of monetary stimulus, government regulation, increased taxes and bashing business will only make the Greater Depression worse. Government run Medicare and Medicaid are already projected to bankrupt our whole country as all the baby boomers retire, live longer and have health issues. Don’t let them do this ObamaCare unconstitutional dirty-work. Stop the government power-grab!

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Obamacare Facts Differ From Some Of The Misconceptions Being Promoted

Obamacare Facts Differ From Some Of The Misconceptions Being Promoted

Obamacare facts differ from some of the misconceptions being promoted. The debate over the Affordable Care Act or ACA is a contentious one. However, regardless of how one feels about the Act, it is important to understand the facts and debunk the myths about the law.

Although it is sometimes derided as a government takeover of health care, the Act does not replace private insurance with government health care. It does add new regulations to private insurance companies. However, this is a far cry from socialized medicine, as the bulk of insurance will still be provided by for profit companies.

The individual mandate portion which was upheld by the Supreme Court is misunderstood. Some people think it means a person could be sent to jail if they do not buy insurance. This is not true.

The law actually provides subsidies for families earning up to four hundred percent of poverty level, so even a family of four that makes ninety thousand dollars a year could receive a partial subsidy. Furthermore, households that are too impoverished to file federal income taxes (for example, a married couple making nineteen thousand dollar a year) would be exempt from the mandate on hardship grounds.

The penalty for not purchasing insurance is small and the enforcement mechanism weak, Initially in 2014, the penalty is only 95 dollars annually. By 2016 it increases to 2.5 percent of household income or 695 dollars, whichever is greater. But even then it is only enforced by taking money out of a tax refund. Wages will not be garnished and fines will not be assessed otherwise.

Some more Obamacare facts are that insurance providers can no longer refuse to cover somebody because of a pre-existing health condition. They also must refund you if they do not spend at least 85 percent of their proceeds on actual coverage. In addition, children can stay on their parents policies until they are 26 or older.

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Facts Surrounding The Motion To Repeal Obamacare

Facts Surrounding The Motion To Repeal Obamacare

Although United States citizens without health insurance may have initially found President Obama’s new health care mandate appealing, a motion to repeal Obamacare is underway. This is because, upon further evaluation, it has been discovered that this new regulation may not offer the advantages its proponents claim. Below are a few of the most obvious reasons for the controversy currently surrounding the plan.

The President has repeatedly assured American’s that those who are happy with their current health insurance will not lose their plan under the new regulations. However, this may not be the case after all. Studies concluded in 2011 found that almost 50 percent of United States employers plan to drop or change the health insurance plans they offer after 2014.

Such studies have also concluded that over 60 million United States citizens could lose their employee-sponsored benefits through this regulating of private industry with regard to medical insurance. Numerous moderate sized business proprietors stated that they would save a greater amount of money by paying the government-imposed penalties associated with this regulation than they would if they provided the required medical coverage.

Additionally, many Americans have legitimate concerns about the effect of this mandate on new job growth. The latter is in the worst decline the country has seen since the Great Depression. The United States Chamber of Commerce conducted recent surveys that indicated 73% of small business owners blame the recent mandate on their inability to expand and offer additional jobs to the American public.

This can have no other outcome than to encourage the decline of job opportunities. Federal courts have ruled that the individual mandate ordering U. S. Citizens to purchase health coverage or pay a fine, and the regulation of private industry are unconstitutional. For this reason, on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, House lawmakers voted to repeal these regulations.

A recent Gallup poll survey published in USA Today shows that United State’s citizens overwhelmingly believe that both mandates are a breech of the American constitution by a margin of 72-20 percent, with eight percent undecided. Regardless of the current mandates set forth by president Obama, the decision to repeal Obamacare or accept it will ultimately be determined by the citizens of the United States.

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The Plot To Repeal Obamacare

by sylvar

The Plot To Repeal Obamacare

There is a massive plot to repeal Obamacare by their rivals, the republicans. The vote to such a bill will be significantly symbolic. This is owed to the fact the fact that the Senate is largely occupied by the Democrats. The same assembly has supported to remove the decree during the congress that is prepared for a reelection.

The Senate Democratic leaders condemned their counterparts for proceeding with, yet, another reverse vote. This happened after the Supreme Court ruled that the major provisions were actually constitutional. This makes it more difficult for reversal of the decree before June 2013.

The intricacies are hinged on three victories that the Republicans are compelled to have. First, Mitt Romney will be compelled to defeat Obama. Secondly, they will have to gain majority of the House and thirdly, they will have to win most of Senate seats. This will enable them to have a good number of their own members in the right positions.

Many people opposed to the law are quite enraged. This follows the ruling of the high court on Thursday which upheld the enactment. This included the controversial individual directive to buy health insurance. On the other hand, the supporters are ecstatic, having prepared themselves for defeat.

This has seen the law taking a center stage even in the ongoing presidential campaigns as well as Senate races and the House. The Republicans, Mitt Romney (the presidential candidate) included, insist to remove and replace the act. On the contrary, for any law to defund or overturn it, the GOP must be in control of the two Houses of congress so as to be able and take over White house as well.

With the determination to repeal Obamacare, republican have to brace themselves for tough times ahead. Even though they are burning with the ambition, they have to know that it would not be a walk in the park. They have to be equipped with well thought, clear cut and intelligent strategies.

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What’s The Plight Of Michigan Health Insurance If ObamaCare Repealed?

What is The Plight Of Michigan Overall health Insurance If ObamaCare Repealed?

In spite of a Detroit judge’s confirmation about the constitutionality of individual Michigan wellness insurance coverage, certain residents fret in excess of the ramifications of a repeal. With the principal elections, a quarter away, along with the conclusion of Governor Jennifer Granholm’s term, concern more than the fate of Michigan health insurance coverage is mounting, must ObamaCare be repealed.

Stanford University carried out an AP Poll about ObamaCare, sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Basis. The survey outcomes indicated a thirty % fulfillment rating for the Patient Protection Affordability and Care Act (PPACA) and ObamaCare.

An evaluation carried out by the Levin Group calculated that or an estimated $ three.three billion in tax credits would impact 860,000 Michigan families in 2014. Households, ranging from $ thirty,000 and $ 90,000 would not have to commit more than four percent of their cash flow for Michigan overall health insurance coverage.

In spite of the evident Michigan health insurance coverage rewards, specific Republican candidates, this kind of as Bill Schuette, who is operating for Michigan Attorney General, oppose the government paying and implications of ObamaCare asserts that the health reform bill needs an overhaul or repeal.

Most Michigan insurance coverage representatives commend the newly enforced provision for preventative care. Cholesterol testing and cancer screening are two crucial inclusions with all Michigan overall health insurance programs. These preventative overall health advantages have been extra to the ObamaCare or PPACA’s needs final month.

“That is an estimated value of $ 2000 of out-of-pocket bills. Because, this new policy went into impact, our customers comprehend the value of Michigan health insurance coverage rewards. Premiums account for a percentage of these rewards,” articulates Michael Novelli, president of

Coverage for youngsters who endure from a preexisting healthcare issue, preventative wellness advantages, coverage for dependent children until 26 many years old as well as new rescission laws demarcate the amendments to Michigan overall health insurance coverage.

As well being care companies have to extend these rewards, along with the tax breaks scheduled for 2014, marketplace analysis published by the Connected Press illustrates forty percent dissatisfaction with t ObamaCare. Mr. Novelli speculates: “Even if ObamaCare is repealed present advantages for kids, preventative care as well as the rescission laws need to remain a continuous for Michigan health insurance coverage policies. supplies trouble-free Michigan well being insurance coverage