Effective clinical Biofeedback methods to improve body functions

Effective clinical Biofeedback methods to improve body functions

Biofeedback is a non medical procedure to teach you how you can control and change your body functions. This technique controls your body and makes you feel relax. You can see some positive results of this treatment in high blood pressure, chronic pain, tension and migraine headaches and urinary incontinence while some other areas of treatment where biofeedback is considered are heart rate, breathing, muscle tension, skin temperature and blood pressure. In this treatment method electrodes measure heart rate, blood pressure and other body functions too. This technique is proving very effective because the person can do some actions on its own because they are trained to control certain body processes. This technique is a real time method to tell the patient about the information of their any body function. The simple technique to improve your internal body functions is known as biofeedback.

In some respect biofeedback is similar to Neurofeedback or eeg biofeedback. In biofeedback the technique is to look into the signals of the body. The signals are displayed on a screen where the patient and trainer both can see. These signals are measured from electrodes. The monitor gives you the feedback of the functioning of the body parts. Further the information gained can be used to train the patient how to control over the involuntary activities of the body. Biofeedback is a proven treatment therapy for many body functions but some areas where this has given successful results are chronic pain, high blood pressure, tension and urinary incontinence. There are basically three types of biofeedback. These are summed up as electromyography which is used to measure muscle tension. Another is thermal biofeedback which is used to measure skin temperature and last one is Neurofeedback which is used to measure brain wave activity.

Biofeedback is safe and a proven treatment method of human body functions. It has no side effects. This is why it has gained much popularity. Many people prefer this method of treatment because it lacks use of medicines. In a single session of biofeedback, electrodes are attached to the skin and then it passes information to the monitor screen. The screen translates the information into a tone that varies in a pitch. The trainer then reads the person in current mental status. When trails and errors are done the persons learns how to control over their mental activities that brings desired physical changes in the body. Some other areas of treatment where it is done are anxiety, austism, asthma, constipation, diabetes, depression, head and spinal cord injuries, muscle spasm and many others.

Biofeedback is proved to be a successful treatment even for children. It has found to improve many ailments in children. The children also have gained intelligence, talent and improved their behavioral activities. When biofeedback combined with fiber it is ailment to remove abdominal pain among children. Among children and adolescence thermal biofeedback improves migraine and chronic tension headaches. Biofeedback has also helped children to get rid of bed wetting problem. You must visit a trained therapist to get a good treatment for you and your children.

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Improve Athletic Endurance With Cordyceps Sinensis

Improve Athletic Endurance With Cordyceps Sinensis

In the past few years, Chinese remedies have grown in popularity. Reishi, maitake, and shiitake mushrooms are just a few of the popular supplements that are imported from Asia. Another supplement that is quickly making its way into the Western markets is Cordyceps sinensis, which is a Chinese phrase meaning “winter bug, summer herb.” This herb is extremely valuable. It is actually a fungus that can be found growing on the carcass of the larva of some insects. Cordyceps can only be found growing naturally in mountain areas above eleven thousand feet. This herb was so rare and expensive that it was only used by the most prominent and wealthy individuals. Because it is an extremely expensive proves to locate this fungus, methods have been developed to allow for the cultivation in a controlled environment, which makes it much more accessible, and therefore, cheaper.

Although this fungus sounds interesting, it is considered extremely valuable in Chinese medicine. Mounting evidence from research has continued to determine its value. The herb was recommended throughout history as a tonic herb, aiding in cases of recovery or weakness due to a prolonged illness. Today, cordyceps is still recommended. The herb is often used to strengthen the kidneys and lungs, improve sex drive, decrease cholesterol and inflammation, aid relaxation, increase blood supply to the brain and heart, ease back and abdominal pain, lessen ringing in the ears, lessen insomnia, reduce menstrual symptoms, and increase immunity.

The Western nations began recognizing cordyceps during the 1993 World Outdoor Track and Field Championship, as the Chinese women’s national team broke three world records. Many questioned whether the team was using performance-enhancing drugs. No drugs were ever detected, but the coach revealed that they had used a tonic drink that was made from cordyceps. It was believed that it increases endurance by relaxing the airways. Athletes are not the only ones that experience the benefits of cordyceps. There is a great deal of evidence that shows this herb benefits many different areas of the body. Cordyceps is able to affect the nervous system, respiratory system, immune system, glandular system, liver, kidneys, and heart.

This herb has been shown in studies to produce a calming effect on the nervous system. Japanese research attributes this calming action to the nucleic acids found in the herb. Additionally, evidence points to the use of cordyceps when treating impotence, as it seems to allow more blood to enter the penis to form an erection. Respiratory ailments can be helped with cordyceps, as it relaxes the trachea and the airways, allowing for proper airflow. This may also help with lung problems, bronchitis, and especially asthma. Chinese medicine uses a powdered from of cordyceps to treat heart arrhythmia, producing positive results.

Cordyceps also provides additional benefits such as lowering elevated cholesterol levels and stimulating the immune system function, as it increases the levels of T-cells, leukocytes, and large lymphocytes. This fact gives the herb the ability to protect the body and help it to fight against disease. For more information on the many beneficial effects provided by cordyceps, please contact a representative from your local health food store.

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How to Naturally Improve Your Vision

How to Naturally Improve Your Vision

What is 2020 vision?
20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. If you have 20/20 vision, you can see clearly at 20 feet what should normally be seen at that distance. If you have 20/100 vision, it means that you must be as close as 20 feet to see what a person with normal vision can see at 100 feet.
20/20 does not necessarily mean perfect vision. 20/20 vision only indicates the sharpness or clarity of vision at a distance. There are other important vision skills, including peripheral awareness or side vision, eye coordination, depth perception, focusing ability and color vision that contribute to your overall visual ability

How to Naturally Improve Your Vision without Glasses or Surgery:

Discover the natural vision improvement method that touts a great success rate in reversing and improving bad vision. Thousands now have better vision without glasses or laser surgery

I already heard about this method many years ago, and I was really impressed with this theory. Then, all of a sudden I could not find the information anymore. Now I have found it again. And it makes so much sense. So, I have done further investigation into this theory. I love researching helpful information. I would like to share this with you.

The catch is dedicating 25 minutes a day to the exercises and techniques. The program is very easy-to-follow and is laid out in a step-by-step, minute-by-minute format. Once you receive the package you can begin the exercises within 10-15 minutes.
How He Beat It: Optical calisthenics
Twenty-six-year-old Orlin Sorensen dreamed of flying combat missions like his grandfather, but his 20/80 eyesight kept him below standards for naval flight training (20/30, no glasses or surgeries allowed). Commercial airlines, however, aren’t as strict — for several years, Sorensen flew for Horizon Air while wearing glasses. Then came September 11, leaving the airline industry decimated and Sorensen flying a lot less. “I was bummed, but I decided to try to turn my life around,” he says.

He used the time to put a curiosity to the test: Can a man improve his vision by “exercising” his eyes? Inspired by World War II fighter pilots who used vision-training exercises, and by a 1920 book by Dr. William Bates (The Bates Method for Better Eyesight without Glasses), Sorensen stockpiled information until he had enough exercises to begin his own program. “I trained my eyes to do things they don’t normally do,” Sorensen says. “I treated the program like physical exercise.” He “worked out” 25 minutes a day, 6 days a week, for 30 days, doing exercises like slowly rolling his eyes in a full circle. The results? The navy measured his vision at 20/30, he no longer needs glasses.
A wholistic orientation to health. Mr. Bates Theorym.
Bates also developed a theory that people with abnormal vision used their eyes differently than people with normal vision, then created a system designed to help people to relearn the right vision habits and to unlearn the wrong habits. Advocates of the Bates Method claim that relearning and improving the right vision habits which they assert are inseparably connected to normal vision. They assert that the Bates Method is a natural method that improves movement, relaxation, and circulation of the whole visual system.
Theory of accommodation/focusing
Accommodation is the process by which the eye changes focus between objects that are far and objects that are near. Bates maintained that the eye focuses, not by the action of the ciliary muscles on the crystalline lens, but by varying elongation of the eyeball caused by the extraocular muscles.
Benefits from practicing Natural Vision Improvement can include:
* Increased clarity of sight
* Increased mental clarity
* Enhanced depth perception
* A more relaxed way of being
* More connection with the world around you
* A sense of greater balance and harmony
* Greater awareness
* Greater connection with yourself
* Better eye health
* Better balance and coordination
Almost half a million Americans underwent corrective vision surgery in 1999 (more than double the number who attempted it the year before), and complications that may arise from these procedures are still uncertain, as the science is so new and untested.
Diet and Vision
I have heard the following statement over and over again. I have also experienced it myself.
I began eating a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, non-gluten grains, fish, chicken and no dairy. After a few weeks on this diet I began noticing a sharpening in my vision. I have noticed this in the past; an improvement in diet correlating with improvement in vision.
Early studies have indicated that “good” eicosanoids such as PGE1 reduce macular degeneration. One of the best ways to increase PGE1 is to follow the Zone Diet and consume extra fish oil either as fish or fish oil supplements.
Many optometrists are expanding their traditional role to include other areas that affect eye health, such as nutrition. Research has shown that nutrition can impact the development of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which are the two leading causes of blindness and visual impairment among millions of aging Americans. Nutrition may be particularly important given that currently, treatment options after diagnosis for these eye diseases are limited.

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Improve Your Health With Chlorella

Improve Your Health With Chlorella

A lot of us eat without really thinking about the food that we are putting into our bodies. This is extremely unfortunate because diet is crucial to human health. A good diet depends on choosing what to eat and how much to eat, because otherwise food can actually harm someone. People’s food choices in Japan have significantly changed in recent years, with the Japanese diet becoming more and more like the American and European diet, leading to an increase in various diseases that are associated with the Western diet increasing in Japan. This new Japanese diet is high in protein and fat and low in fiber, just the way the Western diet is.

These dietary changes have caused an increase in body fat, sticky blood, damaged blood vessel walls, and rise in dietary-related diseases like hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipemia, cancer, heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease. These diseases are abundant in Western countries, with the number one cause of death in the United States being heart disease. It has been found that the main cause of death in many advanced countries is related to diet.

Chlorella has the ability to prevent diseases that are caused by diet. Chlorella is a type of algae, the very origin of the food chain, and is a highly regarded health-food supplement for use in maintaining the human body. Introduced to the health-food marketplace about 40 years ago, chlorella was first established in Japan and today is produced by Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Not only is it used for health-food supplementation, but also in processed foods, food additives, medication additives, marine feeds, feed additives, and fertilizers. Chlorella is helpful in supplementing nutrients of high-quality, plant-based proteins, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. It has been shown to help lower cholesterol, regulate the intestines, detoxify the body, lower blood pressure, and regulate the immune system, In short, chlorella helps the human body to maintain balance.

It is likely that Chlorella appeared on the Earth many thousands of years ago. It is a fresh-water, one-celled green algae that can be found widely in lakes and marshes throughout the world. This plant was discovered and named by M.W. Beyerinck of Holland in 1890. In size, chlorella is 2 to 10 microns, which is slightly smaller than a red blood cell. It is an ancestor of such vegetables as spinach and pumpkins. As compared to other plants, chlorella has a high concentration of chlorophyll, making its capability for photosynthesis many times higher than that of other plants. Because of its high-quality, plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, chlorella is able to maintain human health and prevent and treat disease.

Diseases including hyperlipemia, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, and cancer are closely related to diet. Heredity, aging, and environmental factors including chemical substances and stress are also all liked to the above diseases. These diseases are on the rise in advanced countries, with a lot of them being the most prevalent causes of death in many countries. To prevent diet-related illnesses, the diet must be balanced and lowered immune function must be improved.

The body also needs to be protected from health-threatening chemical substances and stress. Scientists have found that Chlorella is effective for balancing the diet, improving lowered cell function and resistance, and detoxifying chemicals and alleviating stress. Many diet-related diseases can be prevented and treated by simply adding Chlorella to ones diet.

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Think About Professional Eyesight Treatment In Order To Improve Your Eye Sight

Think About Professional Eyesight Treatment In Order To Improve Your Eye Sight

One has to totally explore if lasik laser treatment is the best alternative. With regard to individuals that have to put on their own contact lenses first thing in the morning, remove them at evening is really unpleasant and depressing too.

For most people who would like to proceed in for vision treatment, corrective eye surgery is the right solution. Clearly lasik is actually becoming significantly trendy, kudos to the advertisements put up everywhere and the understanding produced about it. It is critical to realize the entire theory of lasik prior to taking the dive. Recognize from your vision doctor what it requires so that you are definitively clear about what to expect. This method would additionally conserve a lot of problems and headache in the future. Your medical doctor would certainly offer an individual an option on exactly what the surgical procedure requires and important components to be considered before carrying on for the operation.

Very first and most important set up an meeting with the optometrist. The doctor would certainly advocate that you don your own glasses at least for a fortnight and not put on the contact lenses, just before continuing for the surgical procedure. It is critical to notice that donning of contacts definitely impacts the structure of your cornea and therefore to get back your natural corneal design, you need to put on your eyeglasses and do away with the contact lenses. Once the doctor is satisfied with the advancement you are making, he or she might suggest whether you are eligible for the operation. If the health professionals offers the green signal, the subsequent action is to teach you on aspects of surgical procedure, dangers implicated, expense element, the merits of lasik and so on. It is critical to get points clarified and actually if the questions sound to be absurd, it is far better to put forth your requests, so that you are not in for a surprise in the last minute. When the eye expert has clarified your queries to your fullest extent, you can then go on.

Keep in mind refractive eye surgery is a pain-free technique of surgery treatment where the eye is anesthetized with eye drops. Individuals do experience slight uneasiness after the eye drops are completed. The soreness and discomfort remains for only some hours and later on you would likely feel definitely okay. The pros of cataract surgery are huge. The treatment requires about a moment or so. Persons can see the final results within a week of the surgical procedure. These people are set up for the rest of their life from the inconvenience of needing to wear eye glasses and many other problems associated along with it.

Even soon after the operation, it is actually advocated that an individual consistently carry out appointments to the optometrist so as to learn the improvement and also the condition of your eyes. Regardless of what lasik laser treatment an individual prefer, make sure that you get the total facts. Eyes are usually the most sensitive part of your own body and you can take no chances. Negligence on your part may possibly prove to be genuinely high risk, hence assure that you generate the appropriate assessment by performing a extensive analysis.

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