Deciding the best health insurance

Deciding the best health insurance

So, again the question boils down to how to shortlist best health insurance in India? Before settling down to one health insurance company evaluate your family needs and focus on the points give as under:

* Number of family members
* Age group of family members
* Your premium paying capacity
* Required coverage amount of the health insurance policy

Factors determining the best health insurance companies

Once you have evaluated your family and financial need, focus on the health insurance companies that meet your level of expectations. The best health insurance policy must have the following features:

* Individual health plans and family floater plans
* Lifetime renewability option
* Cashless hospitalization facility
* Emergency hospitalization facility
* Reimbursement option if treatment is meted out in non-network hospital
* Good and easy settlement history
* Pre and post hospitalization coverage to certain defined period
* Tax saving benefits
* Bonus for claim free year
* Coverage clause of pre-existing ailments

The best health insurance policy must have a room for all the above features. You may come across many health insurance companies that may have more or less the same features. Now you intelligence lies in doing a cost benefit analysis. Calculate the premium you would have to shell out for the same coverage amount for various companies offering the best health insurance plan. If your family size is small you can also think about going for family floater plan rather than sticking to traditional individual health insurance plan. This in turn would fetch you more coverage amount at a lesser amount. The probability of all the family members meting out disease in the same policy year is relatively less. So, if you take a family floater plan for Rs 5 lac coverage then if any of the members fall ill they can utilize the whole coverage amount if the need arises otherwise the remaining coverage amount can be utilized by another family member in case of medical contingency.

It is always preferable to buy online insurance policy. You do not have to do much home work. Just connect with some insurance companies and call for online quotes. Then study the quotes sitting in the luxuries of your home and shortlist certain options. Apart from caring for the cost-effectiveness, please see insurance cover for the one which can be easily customized and offers the earliest settlement of your bills.

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What Can the Cordyceps Mushroom Do For Your Health?

What Can the Cordyceps Mushroom Do For Your Health?

In the higher elevations where temperatures and oxygen levels are low, grows what the Chinese believe to be an unusual and powerful fungus, which is the cordyceps mushroom. According to the Chinese, the effects of ingesting this mushroom include improvement to overall health and to the body’s glands in particular.

It is believed that this mushroom was discovered in the fields of the Tibetan mountains over 1,500 years ago, after observing that the animals that grazed there became more lively after consuming this medicinal fungi. Subsequently it was believed to be an energy tonic in Asia and now modern studies and research have just begun to uncover the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms like these. It has been demonstrated that the advantages to the glands result in an increase in the body’s levels of energy.

There have been placebo controlled, double blind tests performed at the Medical University in Beijing that do support claims that the cordyceps mushroom is even more superior to the ginseng in its most potent form. In both 1993 and 1994, the women’s track and field team of China broke several of the world records. It was suspected that performance enhancing drugs played a part in their success, yet when the athletes were tested, nothing illegal was found. The coach said that the team had been doing their training at higher altitudes and that they had been consuming a tonic made from this organic mushroom.

Medicinal cordyceps mushrooms have been established to be of assistance in reducing stress, as well as being useful in raising your energy in order to help combat persistent tiredness. This medicinal mushroom has even been demonstrated to increase the body’s natural levels of antioxidants, which promotes longevity. Other rewards include helpful anti-tumor and antibacterial properties.

Many physicians use forms of the cordyceps mushroom as a co-treatment along with other medications when treating diseases such as chronic heart failure, elderly fatigue, heart arrhythmia, cerebrovascular disease, leukemia, hepatitis B, atherosclerosis, renal and respiratory illnesses and many different cardiovascular diseases. The health benefits of this mushroom include an increase in the opening of the aorta by as much as 40%, which increases the cardiac output. They also are considered to be a very effective treatment for other health related issues, such as high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. Conversely, they are used as a support in order to help maintain good respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Medicinal mushrooms are experiencing renewed popularity for their ability to help with numerous health conditions. If you don’t know the difference between active mushrooms and those you buy in the grocery store, visit the Medicinal Mushrooms site to find out!

Understanding Best Health Insurance

Understanding Best Health Insurance

Health Insurance in India has received wide acceptance by the masses in the metros. Keeping in mind today’s lifestyle wherein chances of procuring lifestyle diseases are very high getting your health insured is a very wise decision. Ultimately that is fun of living! If you enjoy good health then only you can lead a happy and contended life. But the underlying question is how to choose the best health insurance? Best health insurance does not mean purchasing any healthcare plan but a plan that provides you and your family a comprehensive coverage against the hospitalization expenses while undergoing inpatient treatment. The best health insurance would help you reduce the financial burden by settling the claims through reimbursements or availing cashless facilities.

How to select the best health insurance?

Today there is no dearth of health care providers in India. With people becoming more and more concerned about their health and getting their families health insured, many health care providers are emerging in the Indian market to provide the best health insurance.

Your best health insurance plan should cover the following:

* Day care treatments with not having the cap of minimum 24 hrs of hospitalization. Due to technological advancements some procedure (like D and C) may not require full day hospitalization, but the coverage should be extended in your policy.

* Hospitalization charges including cost of treatment, consultation fee of doctor, cost of medicines/diagnostic tests, room charges, ICU charges etc.

* Expenses towards Domiciliary hospitalization wherein the nature of treatment is such that insured can be taken care off at home (generally the case in India set-up) instead of recovering in hospital only.

* Pre and post hospitalization expenses towards the ongoing treatment till certain period of time.

* Critical illness coverage where a separate sum insured is available to bear the cost of treatment. The premium of policy that provides critical illness cover may be a bit high but keeping in mind the ailments that prevail in current scenario the best health insurance plan must be inclusive of it.

* Inclusion of pre-existing disease at a higher premium. Generally the health care providers would provide the cover to pre-existing ailments after 4 or 5 yrs of your association with them which would give them suffice time to understand your medical history. Before opting for any health insurance plan check if this provision would be extended.

* Tax benefit under section 80D up to Rs 15000 against the premium paid in a year.

In a nutshell, best health insurance is very subjective as it varies from person to person depending on their financial position and family support. So, analyze well your needs and go for the best insurance plan that would help you share your financial crisis at the time of need.

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Approach Specialized Health Care Providers for ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

Approach Specialized Health Care Providers for ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment

There is not only one test that could be used for diagnosing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children. ADHD will be diagnosed if a person is showing all or some of the symptoms of ADHD on continuous basis for more than 6 months. Additionally, symptoms should be present in multiple settings. Based on the type and number of adhd symptoms, a person can be diagnosed with any of the three subtypes of ADHD including primarily inattentive, combined subtype or primarily hyperactive. Health care specialists like psychiatrists, pediatricians and child psychologists can able to diagnose ADHD by means of the standard guidelines from DSM. The diagnosis is involved with collecting information from various sources, like parents, caregivers and schools. The health care provider will be considering how the behavior of child is compared to that of other kids of same age and the individual would use standardized rating scales for documenting these behaviors.

Some of the symptoms suggesting ADHD in children include hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Most children diagnosed with ADHD are in constant motion, make careless blunders, fidgle and squirm, lose things often, easily get distracted and don’t complete tasks. To be diagnosed with ADHD, your kid must get a thorough physical exam, including hearing and vision screenings. Maximind Learning Centers Inc. renders an amazing set of services including ADHD solution, learning skills boost, autism treatment, behavioral and mood issues and peak performance. Real brain training program offered by Maximind Learning Centers Inc. is developed on 3 major modalities of stimulating brain, without using drugs and academia but with fun.

ADHD is different in each person; hence there is a wide range of criteria and measures to test in order to help professionals with adhd diagnosis. It is significant to be honest and open with the specialist who conducts the evaluation so that he can come to the most exact conclusion. To be diagnosed with ADHD, a child should display a mix of strong adhd signs, namely impulsivity, hyperactivity or inattention. The team of neuro educational specialists will assess the problem by checking into the factors like how severe the symptoms are, when the symptoms start, how long the symptoms are being found and where and when the symptoms appear. Normally, more than one professional will be involved in the evaluation process for adhd in children. Clinical psychologists, physicians, clinical social workers, school psychologists, learning specialists, speech-language pathologists and educators may each play a significant role in the evaluation of ADHD.

As with adults, no imaging or laboratory tests are available to figure out the diagnosis, rather clinicians finalize their conclusions on the visible symptoms and by usually ruling out other ailments. The specialists conducting the child’s evaluation will inquire you with a set of questions that you must open about honestly. The doctor will also obtain a complete family and medical history, may use psychological tests for measuring emotional and social adjustment and IQ, and conduct a general neurological and physical examination. The health care professional will also conduct an extensive interview with your child, you and the child’s teachers.

Dr Bob Brown is the author of this article on adhd diagnosis.Find more information, about adhd signs here

Improve Your Health With Chlorella

Improve Your Health With Chlorella

A lot of us eat without really thinking about the food that we are putting into our bodies. This is extremely unfortunate because diet is crucial to human health. A good diet depends on choosing what to eat and how much to eat, because otherwise food can actually harm someone. People’s food choices in Japan have significantly changed in recent years, with the Japanese diet becoming more and more like the American and European diet, leading to an increase in various diseases that are associated with the Western diet increasing in Japan. This new Japanese diet is high in protein and fat and low in fiber, just the way the Western diet is.

These dietary changes have caused an increase in body fat, sticky blood, damaged blood vessel walls, and rise in dietary-related diseases like hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipemia, cancer, heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease. These diseases are abundant in Western countries, with the number one cause of death in the United States being heart disease. It has been found that the main cause of death in many advanced countries is related to diet.

Chlorella has the ability to prevent diseases that are caused by diet. Chlorella is a type of algae, the very origin of the food chain, and is a highly regarded health-food supplement for use in maintaining the human body. Introduced to the health-food marketplace about 40 years ago, chlorella was first established in Japan and today is produced by Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Not only is it used for health-food supplementation, but also in processed foods, food additives, medication additives, marine feeds, feed additives, and fertilizers. Chlorella is helpful in supplementing nutrients of high-quality, plant-based proteins, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. It has been shown to help lower cholesterol, regulate the intestines, detoxify the body, lower blood pressure, and regulate the immune system, In short, chlorella helps the human body to maintain balance.

It is likely that Chlorella appeared on the Earth many thousands of years ago. It is a fresh-water, one-celled green algae that can be found widely in lakes and marshes throughout the world. This plant was discovered and named by M.W. Beyerinck of Holland in 1890. In size, chlorella is 2 to 10 microns, which is slightly smaller than a red blood cell. It is an ancestor of such vegetables as spinach and pumpkins. As compared to other plants, chlorella has a high concentration of chlorophyll, making its capability for photosynthesis many times higher than that of other plants. Because of its high-quality, plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, chlorella is able to maintain human health and prevent and treat disease.

Diseases including hyperlipemia, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, and cancer are closely related to diet. Heredity, aging, and environmental factors including chemical substances and stress are also all liked to the above diseases. These diseases are on the rise in advanced countries, with a lot of them being the most prevalent causes of death in many countries. To prevent diet-related illnesses, the diet must be balanced and lowered immune function must be improved.

The body also needs to be protected from health-threatening chemical substances and stress. Scientists have found that Chlorella is effective for balancing the diet, improving lowered cell function and resistance, and detoxifying chemicals and alleviating stress. Many diet-related diseases can be prevented and treated by simply adding Chlorella to ones diet.

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