Healthy Diet Will Lead To Lower Cholesterol

Healthy Diet Will Lead To Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that is always present in every cell of our body. It plays an important role in hormone synthesis, producing Vitamin D and maintaining cell membranes. The human body is fully equipped to produce whatever cholesterol is required for maintaining these vital functions and extra cholesterol added through diet actually results in potentially dangerous high levels.

LDL and HDL are two kinds of cholesterol that is produced by the body. LDL is considered to be the bad cholesterol and HDL is considered to be the good cholesterol. When the content of LDL is high, it will lead to accumulation of fats in veins and arteries. And this is the major reason for many heart diseases. HDL on the other hand does the duty of cleaning cholesterol from the arteries before it turns bad.

Cholesterol levels are expressed in milligrams per deciliter of blood. Total cholesterol below 200mg/dl is desirable and levels between 200 and 239 are considered to be marginal. 240 mg/dl is high level and require attention. Most people aim at maintaining a borderline level of LDL at of 130mg/dl. However, it is risky if you have other risk factors for heart disease.

The major treatment for high cholesterol is medication, healthy diet and regular exercise. High cholesterol treatment is always long term, but it is advised to avoid allopathy treatment for high cholesterol. When there is high cholesterol in body then it needs immediate attention. The following ways are treatment for high cholesterol. Healthy diet can reduce the level of cholesterol in your body.

These days most people are ignoring the very basic fact that keeps us healthy. Food is the primary source for our body. Eating a healthy food will keep our body healthy. Many people think that fat is bad, but that is not true. We need fat in our body to maintain hormonal balance.

Avoid consumption of saturated fats. These are mostly present in animal foods, dairy products, eggs and shell fish. Coconut and palm oil are also high in saturated fats. Totally avoid trans-fats since they are made through chemical processes and found in most commercial foods and the biggest culprits. For a balanced diet, source fats from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Foods like apple, brown rice, beans, cinnamon, garlic, grapes, oats and walnut help in lowering and maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol. Herbs and natural ingredients such as Rooibos, Gugulipid and Red Yeast Rice can also help in reducing LDL or bad cholesterol.

With nature’s help and regular exercise a person can maintain healthy lifestyle easily. To know more on how to manage the levels cholesterol, check our natural guide for lowering cholesterol.


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Guide To Good And Bad Cholesterol

by kellan

Guide To Good And Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol have both good and bad, and hence this is why it is so very vital to learn what cholesterol is, and how it affects your health, as well as what you can do to lower it if the needed. There are basically two different types of cholesterol, the LDL and the HDL.

LDL is the bad form of cholesterol, when too much of it found in a person’s blood, it can slowly build up on the inner walls of the arteries that feed the heart and brain, and together with other substances it is able to shape plaque in the body, which is a thick, hard deposit that can block these arteries; a circumstance which is known as atherosclerosis.

Then there is HDL is the good form of cholesterol, and this is due to a high level of it seems to protect against heart attacks. A low level of HDL levels in a person’s body will in fact increase the risk of having a heart attack on a human body.

There is also another factor which must be raised in this discussion, and that is in regards to triglyceride, a form of fat that comes from food and it also made in your body. The reason that it is involved in this particular subject matter is because people with high triglycerides often found to have high total cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol and a low HDL cholesterol level.

Good Cholesterol (High Density Lipoprotein)

The cholesterol test you normally take actually measures lipoproteins. These lipoproteins are sorted by their density: the measure of fat versus protein in the combination. High density means that there is more protein ratio compared to fat. High density lipoproteins (HDL) are good cholesterol. They do the necessary work assigned to cholesterol, they help to un-clog your arteries and help flush excess fat from your body.

Bad Cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein)

Low density lipoproteins (LDL), very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) and triglycerides (a type of fat carried by LDL and VLDL) are the main component of the bad cholesterol. If you have high number of these that they can clog your arteries thus, causing a heart attack or other heart related diseases. The normal level of bad cholesterol is 200mg/dL or less.

Bad and good cholesterol levels vary from person to person. Factors that affect cholesterol levels like being overweight, a diet with too much saturated fat and cholesterol, not enough exercise, heredity and certain medical conditions or medicines. Cholesterol tends to increase with age as well.

How you can Control and Lower Bad Cholesterol

If you have normal levels of good and bad cholesterol all you should to do is ensure that you stay that way and you can do that by taking the following steps: eating healthy and exercising. Eating healthy such as having food items that are low in saturated and trans fat as well as cholesterol.

Also, get in the habit of reading your food labels as they provide all the above mentioned data by law and hence it is easy for you to choose which food items are good and which are damaging for your health.

Some food items that contain high levels of cholesterol are: egg yolks, poultry, meat, shellfish, butter and cheese.

If you already have high levels of the bad cholesterol then the best thing to do is consult your doctor to prescribe you a drug that will help you lower it gradually. There are many cholesterol drugs that are available over the counter and many natural remedies as well. However, it is strongly suggested that you should not self medicate as some of the cholesterol drugs may have serious side effects, which only your doctor can point out as he is familiar with your medical history and conditions.

In general, you can always increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol by watching your food intake, exercising regularly and losing weight. You’ll also need your doctor’s help with the other factors. Don’t worry about having too little cholesterol. That’s un-likely to happen. Concentrate on building enough good cholesterol, less bad cholesterol and the rest will take care of itself.

Take a minute and learn about your good and bad cholesterol levels, watch closely your food intake and that of your family making them aware as well of the importance of staying below the limits of the bad cholesterol. Just a few minutes of self-education can save your life or one of your family member’s.

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Avoid High Cholesterol a Risk Factor for Heart Diseases

Avoid High Cholesterol a Risk Factor for Heart Diseases

Is your cholesterol level high or low? Are you continuously having foods that contain a high degree of cholesterol? It’s advisable to avoid such foods that do have higher level of cholesterol. Though many people think that cholesterol is necessary for body still one should not have more than what exactly is required otherwise it can lead to diseases related to heart. Hence it is important to avoid foods that have got high cholesterol because foods having high cholesterol can be a risk factor for people. It’s not just food even a person can have high degree of cholesterol due to stress at home, at work and may be at play. The fact of the matter is high level of cholesterol can lead your way to the heart attack, or stroke so you need to start worrying about it till it becomes too late. But what if you already have high cholesterol level, you should not be worried because there are ways to treat cholesterol level or better still prevent it. In order to prevent it best thing is to go for exercises, giving up smoking and controlling your weight.

If you are careless about your food habits and are not aware of the consequences, they have to definitely face heart failure problem. Coronary heart illness arises due to the blocked heart as a consequence preventing blood getting into it. This can make the situation critical since the blood stops flowing, thus heart muscles will die that can lead people to have heart attacks. And the moment heart will fail to pump blood normally; such a condition is known as heart failure. Heart failure doesn’t necessarily mean that the heart has failed. It causes weakening of the cardiovascular system. Therefore Heart failure progresses by underlying heart injury or inappropriate responses of the body to heart impairment. It is a progressive disorder that must be managed in regard to not only the state of the heart, but the condition of the circulation, lungs, neuroendocrine system and other organs as well. One should take proper care of his or her heart in order to prevent failure of heart functions.

There are different types of heart diseases and among them coronary artery disease is the one where coronary arteries becomes clogged as a result of atherosclerosis. It means building up of fat and cholesterol on the walls of arteries which restricts blood flow. If not treated this kind of blockage can lead to serious repercussions like Angina, or chest pain and pressure that can amount to a heart attack will occur when there is a complete blockage and the blood flow is totally stopped. Coronary heart disease is a common cause of sudden death. There are number of things that are responsible for coronary artery disease and these are smoking or being overweight is a common cause and even lack of vitamin C can lead to the development of this situation. And a patient who is in this situation has suffered terrible from multiple heart attacks. The best way to avoid such a situation is to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body and avoid smoking. Still if the condition is not good it’s better that you go to a heart center and consult cardiologist to get the necessary treatments done.

Facing serious heart diseases, like coronary artery disease and even heart attack then it’s advisable to get in touch with best heart center in order to get necessary treatments.

When is Cholesterol Too High

When is Cholesterol Too High

It has been stated many times by a variety of sources that eating a good balanced diet, and getting moderate amounts of exercise can help keep you healthy throughout your years. One of reasons why it’s important to keep healthy by utilizing those two known tips is that it helps stave of elevated cholesterol levels. Knowing when cholesterol is too high is important, and should be detected before the symptoms start manifesting themselves.

There are many things that lead to elevated cholesterol levels, and many of them are easily thwarted. Simple lifestyle changes can have a wealth of benefits down the road, and help avoid symptoms. Symptoms of high cholesterol usually manifest themselves in severe ways. Some of the most common signs that show up can surprise people are heart attack and stroke. Often times, there are no major warning signs.

It should be noted that noticing cholesterol is too high is not the end of the line. It should be taken as a wake up call to change up lifestyle and dietary choices. Understanding what causes the levels to elevate can really be helpful in deciding what to do once diagnosed. Consider many different sources that might help you move forward.

Among the most obvious sources of elevated risk of cardiovascular disease is poor diet. Many foods that are highly refined processed, or even deep-fried offer fattening acids that can raise cholesterol levels. It’s important to avoid eating transfatty acids, margarines, ice cream, cheese, egg yolks and more. While some people can have these items in limited levels, it’s important to not eat them on a regular basis as they could lead to other risk factors. Eating to many fatty foods can lead to being overweight. Obesity can be a warning sign to other problems in the body, and could enhance the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other major cardio vascular problems.

Another risk factor is physical inactivity. Lack of exercise is one of the major causes of having high cholesterol. Regular exercise can really help improve health overall, and can reverse high cholesterol levels. It’s important to maintain high levels of activity before finding out cholesterol is too high. You don’t necessarily have to overdue it either; you simply need to avoid spending a lot of time sitting around.

It’s important to understand that there are treatments that can be given to individuals that are diagnosed with high cholesterol. Some of the basic treatments include a change of diet and exercise. When these two changes aren’t quite enough to help out, there are prescription medications that have been proven effective in the reduction of cholesterol over time. Most drugs have subtle side effects, and for some have proven to yield drastic results.

Preventing the root causes of disease is vastly important, and in the case of elevated cholesterol levels, it’s relatively simple. Eating a well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables mixed with moderate exercise is the easiest lifestyle choice that you can choose to prevent long-term obesity and disease.

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Protect Your Children From High Cholesterol

Protect Your Children From High Cholesterol

Any discussion about high cholesterol will probably lead you to think about the health problems facing adults. However, this same risk factor that indicates the possibility of coronary heart disease for adults can also be an indication of premature coronary heart disease in children. Many parents aren’t aware of the risks of high cholesterol that their children may be facing. Children aren’t routinely checked for this condition. The best way to be sure that your children have good health is to be aware of the causes of high cholesterol in children. Click here to learn more about the families and children with cholesterol symptoms.

What Is Cholesterol?

To best recognize the causes of high cholesterol in children it is best to understand what cholesterol is and its relationship to the human body. In general, cholesterol is produced in the liver and is pulled from certain foods. The body makes as much cholesterol as it needs for the building of cell walls and formation of hormones. The human body needs a certain amount of this substance, but too much and the wrong types of cholesterol can lead to blockage and heart disease. When a blood test is done to take measurements, the test will look at low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL). Too many LDLs will cause that blockage and risk of heart attack. HDLs, however, should be high.

Controllable Factors

There are both controllable factors of high cholesterol and uncontrollable risk factors. Understanding the controllable causes of high cholesterol gives parents the chance to reduce their children’s risk of heart disease. These controllable factors include secondhand smoke, elevated blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and high levels of stress. Parents who are concerned that their children may be at risk of high levels of LDLs can take steps to protect their children from secondhand smoke and unhealthy diets. It’s important to control those factors that can be controlled because there are several factors that cannot be controlled. Factors Out of Your Control

These factors include heredity, race, gender, and the postmenopausal state. Heredity refers to a family’s history of and tendency toward high levels of LDLs and cardiovascular disease. Some races tend to experience a higher risk of high cholesterol. Males tend to experience more classic symptoms than women do and women who are postmenopausal seem to have more risk than younger women.

Risk Factors and Screenings

Unless they have some reason to test their children’s cholesterol levels, it’s pretty uncommon for parents to give these levels any consideration. If family members have many of the risk factors, parents should probably take steps to learn their children’s levels. This might require a fasting screening. With an early warning of elevated cholesterol, parents may be able to make any necessary changes that will protect their children’s quality of life.

Protect the Health of Your Child

Early intervention might be one of the most important ways to correct elevated cholesterol, even into the adult years. However, some critics say that it is too soon to believe that childhood treatment of the situation will impact adult expectations of cholesterol. However, recognizing the causes of high cholesterol in children and taking steps to correct those that are controllable can certainly improve the quality of children’s lives.

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