Cervical cancer is a condition, in which abnormal cells grow out of control in cervix, the lower portion of uterus that opens into vagina. It can be treated if detected at an early stage. Pap test is conducted in order to detect this cancer at an early stage. 80 to 90% of cervical cancers are squamous cell cancers. In 99% of cases, cervical cancer happens due to change in cell DNA caused by a virus caused Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Almost 100 different kinds of low-risk HPVs are there that do not cause cervical cancer. HPV can be transmitted through sexual contact. It is advisable for women to go for regular Pap tests.
Smoking can cause various kinds of cancer including cervical cancer. Women experiencing high levels of stress, or women who deliver children at a very young age are more likely to develop this medical condition. Multiple pregnancies and long-term use of contraceptive pills raises the possibility of cervical cancer.
Symptoms of cervical cancer:
* Pain at the time of sex.
* Bleeding post menopause.
* Bleeding after sex.
* Bleeding after sexual intercourse.
* Pelvic pain.
* Pain while urinating.
* Abnormal and smelly vaginal discharge.
Treatments of cervical cancer include chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy or combination of any of these. What treatment has to be given is decided on the basis of patient’s state of health, age as well as the stage of cancer. Surgery is a common method of treatment if cancer is confined to the cervix area. Palliative therapy is used in the advanced stages of cancer in order to improve life quality and relieve symptoms of the same.
Smoking can cause various kinds of cancer including cervical cancer. Women experiencing high levels of stress, or women who deliver children at a very young age are more likely to develop this medical condition. Multiple pregnancies and long-term use of contraceptive pills raises the possibility of cervical cancer.
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A Practical Approach towards Bladder Cancer

A Practical Approach towards Bladder Cancer

Being a hollow muscular organ that is located in the pelvis, the bladder is responsible for holding the urine. Cancer in the bladder is a malignant growth inside the urinary bladder. It results in the development of abnormal cells inside the bladder. These cells multiply beyond control. This disease starts in the inside lining of the bladder. It is called transitional cell carcinoma.

What Are the Symptoms of Bladder Cancer?

One of the symptoms of bladder cancer is the appearance of blood in the urine. This blood can be visible using a microscope or as well to the naked eye. Other signs that you may have bladder cancer could be frequent urination, pain when urinating, the feeling of having to urinate but being unable to. These indications can also be due to other diseases and are not necessarily a sign of bladder cancer. In conclusion, it is best to go and get it examined by a doctor and have your symptoms properly diagnosed.

How is Bladder Cancer Diagnosed?

The first diagnostic methods for cancer bladder are cystoscopy and bladder biopsy. In the first case, the bladder is inspected with an instrument that resembles a telescope. The treatment for bladder cancer is determined after considering a variety of factors such as age, health status, and the state of disease. The treatment preferred by most doctors is surgery. The state of cancer has to be known before beginning any treatment. If the infection is superficial, as in the case of an infection in the lining of the bladder, a trans-urethral resection, and an intra-vesicle pharmacotherapy treatment are usually recommended. In case there are big bladder tumors, the bladder gets surgically removed, and a urinary diversion is used.

The Treatment of Bladder Cancer

The treatment for bladder cancer is aimed at eradicating the illness, in case the cancer is superficial. This way, deep infections are avoided, and the occurrence of tumors is prevented. Superficial tumors that appear because of the bladder cancer can reoccur after six or 12 months of the treatment with trans-urethral re-sectioning. It’s why immunomodulatory drugs and intravascular pharmacotherapy treatments are effectively applied. They reduce the recurrence rate of superficial bladder cancer. The standard method of bladder cancer invading the muscular layers is the complete removal of the bladder. This way, the bladder, seminal, and prostate vesicles, and lymph nodes are removed. For the urinary flow to be managed, a urinary diversion is created.

Often, cancer in the bladder is associated with old age. It is usually diagnosed in people after 60 years. However, there are a significant number of people under 60 years who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Men are at a higher risk of developing bladder cancer than women.

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Spotting Colon Cancer Symptoms is Not Only Accurate But a Whole Lot Faster

Spotting Colon Cancer Symptoms is Not Only Accurate But a Whole Lot Faster

Colorectal cancer will take nearly 50,000 lives the year, and is our country’s second largest killer. Screening is available, though there is a significant effort required in terms of preparation and the time needed to perform the test. For most people, the recommendation for your first colonoscopy is at age 50, though it may be sooner if you have risk factors for colon cancer or have noted any potential colon cancer symptoms.

If you’ve heard horror stories about colonoscopy, the test used today to screen for colon cancers, new technology may just save you from being someone who can tell them. There’s a new x-ray alternative that’s currently being studied by the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) National CT Colonography Trial and is showing itself to be effective at spotting most cancers.

The long anticipated study involved 15 medical centers across the U.S. and compared the accuracy of CT colonography to colonoscopy, the current gold standard of colon cancer diagnosis. The results of this study were published in the Sept. 18, 2008, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

A “virtual colonoscopy” (known technically as CT colonography) is a cheaper, less intrusive ‘super’ x-ray used for colon screening. The new test was able to pick up nine out of ten people who had large growths or cancers also detected by traditional colonoscopies. Of the false positives detected by the new type of scan, one in four turned out to be correct.

The new screening still involves some preparatory work i.e. cleaning the colon with laxatives or suppositories, just as you do today. You then go to a hospital radiology department to have the test, which takes about 10 minutes (compared to 30-60 minutes for colonoscopy). You lay first on your back and a thin tube is inserted into the rectum, air pumped in and then the table moved though the scanner, taking pictures all the time. You will then go through the scanner again, only this time lying on your stomach. After the two scans, a computer will process the images to create a picture of your lower digestive tract.

Unfortunately, radiologists can more easily misread the virtual colonoscopy. Polyps can be spotted that aren’t there, which may lead to unneeded follow up treatment and the terrible anguish of the threat of a serious health problem. However, sometimes the testing picks up other conditions, outside the colon, that wouldn’t have come to light that need to be addressed or investigated.

One other concern involves the amount of radiation you are exposed to during the test. The dose is half that of a standard CT scan, but experts worry about what this exposure means over time. Especially since this new test should be done every five years, as opposed to every ten years for traditional colon screening.
The new “virtual colonoscopy” seems to have the most value in getting people in for screening and identifying who may need further follow up. And early detection of colon cancer symptoms does save lives.

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Cervical cancer is curable if detected early

Cervical cancer is curable if detected early

Unfortunately, cervical cancer does not hurt and did not begin to show signs of evolution than in advanced stages when curability is already a rarity. Therefore only “symptom” of early cervical cancer detection stage that ensures the curability is Pap test result. Test your gynecologist annually. Pap test should be performed annually, regardless of age will start having intimate contact. Detected early, cervical cancer is a disease that can be treated.

The main symptoms of cervical cancer

* Altered vaginal secretions. In a later stage of cervical cancer evolution can appear changes in secretions; they are watery and may contain bloody streaks. Sometimes bleeding after minor trauma are obvious: put the diaphragm, after intimate contact, after vaginal douches, etc.. This secretion is initially odorless, but can then catch a fetid odor, perhaps even contain pus or necrotic tissue fragments. Of course, can occur disorders of menstruation or changes in menstrual bleeding, but usually they are not specific to cervical cancer.

* Dyspareunia or pain during intimate contact can occur in many pathologies of the genital, including cervical cancer. The woman begins to feel increasingly uncomfortable during the contact.

* Constipation and bloating are again one of the signs that can give cervical cancer, nonspecific signs that can be easily ignored by the patient or may occur in other disorders.

* Lower abdominal pain, lumbar or irradiating in feet. Cervical cancer can give diffuse abdominal pain, lower back pain (like your period) or pain in feet, not specific, that the patient initially ignore, although they appear anyway in an advanced stage of disease.

* Urinating blood and / or painful urination. Because urinary invasion, the woman may have bloody urine or pain or burning when urinating, sometimes with difficulty and fetid odor.

* Rectal bleeding. Sometimes stools with blood can hide a cervical cancer that has invaded the rectum. Often patients think that this symptom is due to hemorrhoids, but attention, any rectal bleeding should be investigated by a doctor.

* Anemia appears secondary to regular blood loss and lower body resistance due to the cancer disease that drains the nutrients and the energy.

* Weight loss. From the same causes as anemia, appears a sudden weight loss, quickly installed, without reason to lose weight, without diet or lifestyle changes.

* Fatigue. She feels increasingly tired, without the eloquent reasons for this. General condition worsens due to cancer disease that hard affects metabolic processes.

* Recto-vaginal fistula. If cervical cancer spreads to the rectum there is the possibility of recto-vaginal fistula, namely a communication is established between the vagina and rectum, so the vagina can get feces with an unbearable fetid smell and giving serious infections, because intestinal flora is not compatible with the vaginal flora.

Natural treatment and prevention for cervical cancer using Calivita products

– Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve menstrual cramps. Fish oil could reduce the chance of developing breast and cervical cancer. Numerous studies have reported that most women with these cancers have low omega-3 fatty acids.

– Noni Juice from Noni Liquid composition strengthens the immune system, providing protection for the disease and can be used as adjuvant in cancer therapy and malignant tumors. It provides overall well, energy and power.

– Rhodiolin fights effectively against stress, one of the main triggers of many diseases. Strengthens the immune system, is a potent antioxidant and has anticancer properties.

– Extract from shark cartilage from Shark Aid formula has a particularly positive effect in preventing cancer, but can also be used in the therapy of chronic diseases like diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

– BioHarmonex is an electronic device that generates an electromagnetic field pulse, of very low intensity. Immune program aims to increase the immunity by stimulating electromagnetic activity necessary for replication, differentiation and activity of white blood cells, thus effectively helping the body fight against disease.

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Conserve A Large Amount Of Lives One Breast Cancer Awareness Prom

Conserve A Large Amount Of Lives One Breast Cancer Awareness Prom

Defending the world may seem to be a big task that a person can hardly succeed. But, if you will think positively and look at it at a different angle, you will see that it is possible to achieve if you will only implement small things one step at a time. To illustrate, you may deliver breast cancer awareness promotional items to people to increase the percentage of people who are wary about the disease. This approach it will not only help save human lives, but also help you advertise your brand; in effect, hitting two birds in one stone. There are various effective ways you can go about breast cancer awareness gifts distribution-it’s just a matter of choosing what suits you and your target customers.

Simply give it in designated areas populated with your patrons.

This is the most simple manner you can go about distributing breast cancer awareness giveaways-by just giving them to your target customers. In doing this, you must keep in mind two necessary things. First, you are necessitated to research well about your market so that you will know what kind of breast cancer awareness promotional products will best suit them. Second, you have to of a great marketing message that will make your custom freebies more remarkable. If you are able to obtain these two crucial tasks, even though your method of sending is just simple it can be very powerful and dramatic.

Launch a special event that your customers will surely enjoy.

Of course, your event need to be about breast cancer awareness and/ or your business campaign; however, it shouldn’t mean that it has to be serious as a congress or business meeting. . Say for example, this particular event can be a corporate party, a contest or a marathon. The point is that your clientele have to enjoy during the event so that it will be an unforgettable experience for them. This is very vital due to the fact that how they feel about the event will greatly affect how they will treasure the breast cancer awareness custom gifts that you will hand them. People more often than not always be reminded that things that are given to them during special events by the simple reason that there are strong emotions attached to these memories. Thereby, the bottom line is to invest on that human fact to be able to increase breast cancer awareness, gain greater visibility and develop brand recall.

Deliver promotional breast cancer awareness items during the month of October.

It a great idea to give breast cancer awareness promo products during this time for the simple reason that the month of October is breast cancer awareness month. As a sign of commemoration, be one of those immense corporations and organizations that will spread consciousness by handing out great personalized gifts to people. There are an ample amount of breast cancer awareness logo imprinted gifts that you can give to your customers. The top personalized products in the list though are: custom printed tote bags, custom tumblers and pink ribbons.

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