Tips to Know 6 Breast Cancer Signs

Tips to Know 6 Breast Cancer Signs

Knowing the difference Breast Cancer signs and symptoms can actually help to save your life in the future. It is important you understand everything that could be a signal for breast cancer so you can get treatment as soon as possible. Here are six breast cancer symptoms to watch out for.

1. The Lump
Although most breast lumps are not cancer, this is the most common sign of breast cancer for both men and women. A lump or thickening in the breast was a clear indication that you have to get a physical examination to make sure everything was fine. Often a lump is not painful, but it can be tender or sore from time to time

2. The Discharge from the Nipple
If you experience a spontaneous clear or bloody discharge from your nipple. It is often associated with breast lumps. While this does not mean you definitely have breast cancer, it is very clear that you feel symptoms that could not be considered lightly.

3. The Change in Size of Your Breast
This becomes very important and can be realized on your body. It can be difficult to see a slight change in the size or contour your breasts, but this is a clear sign of breast cancer to watch out for. In some cases, change in size may be much clearer.

4. Indentation of your nipple
If you look at your nipple retraction or indentation, this is not something that usually happens. You have to keep an eye on it and if it goes bad, come as soon as possible to the doctor to do a physical test.

5. Indentation of skin over the breast
In addition to indents on your nipples, you also have to keep an eye on the skin around the breast. One of the symptoms of breast cancer is if you see the indentation or flattening the skin over your breasts.

6. Redness of skin over the breast
The last sign that you should notice is the presence of redness or pitted skin in your breast. In many cases looks almost like orange peels in shapes and textures.

In most cases, breast cancer at the first stage maybe no symptoms, mostly it could be detect when it grown at later stages. So please be careful and always be aware for all 6 symptoms above, if you found one, be hurry to see you doctor and do physical test like mammogram or MRI screening.

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Currently, the month of October is designated as the official National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). For over two decades, NBCAM has successfully educated women of all ages about early detection, treatment, and diagnosis of breast cancer. Non-profit organizations such as Karmanos Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation are devoted to raising money for breast cancer research and educating women (and men) about the disease, supporting those with breast cancer, and celebrating the individuals who have survived it.

The Breast Cancer Loop is another very popular piece of awareness jewelry. The great thing about this product is its versatility. It can be used as a purse or briefcase charm as well as an ornament for the car, diaper bag or even Christmas tree. Featuring handsome pink and clear Swarovski crystals and a Bali silver awareness ribbon, this tiny bracelet is as practical as it is beautiful.

You will still find, however, the Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet to be the most popular. Featuring sterling silver, pink Swarovski crystals and delicate pearls, bracelets are ideal for the individual who wants to keep the cause close to her heart. Many bracelets include ribbon charms in silver, pink or crystals.

Breast cancer awareness is not limited to woman only. Men are encouraged to support the cause as well. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 1600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Even the most masculine man should rethink wearing pink when it comes to supporting a great cause.

Although, October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, supporting the cause can be a year-round commitment. Those who are unaffected by breast cancer should help join the fight against breast cancer for their loved ones. Whether you decide to participate in an American Cancer Society sponsored walk, donate money to breast cancer charities, or invest in business gifts that help support breast cancer research, you will certainly contribute to saving someone’s life.

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Conserve A Large Amount Of Lives One Breast Cancer Awareness Prom

Conserve A Large Amount Of Lives One Breast Cancer Awareness Prom

Defending the world may seem to be a big task that a person can hardly succeed. But, if you will think positively and look at it at a different angle, you will see that it is possible to achieve if you will only implement small things one step at a time. To illustrate, you may deliver breast cancer awareness promotional items to people to increase the percentage of people who are wary about the disease. This approach it will not only help save human lives, but also help you advertise your brand; in effect, hitting two birds in one stone. There are various effective ways you can go about breast cancer awareness gifts distribution-it’s just a matter of choosing what suits you and your target customers.

Simply give it in designated areas populated with your patrons.

This is the most simple manner you can go about distributing breast cancer awareness giveaways-by just giving them to your target customers. In doing this, you must keep in mind two necessary things. First, you are necessitated to research well about your market so that you will know what kind of breast cancer awareness promotional products will best suit them. Second, you have to of a great marketing message that will make your custom freebies more remarkable. If you are able to obtain these two crucial tasks, even though your method of sending is just simple it can be very powerful and dramatic.

Launch a special event that your customers will surely enjoy.

Of course, your event need to be about breast cancer awareness and/ or your business campaign; however, it shouldn’t mean that it has to be serious as a congress or business meeting. . Say for example, this particular event can be a corporate party, a contest or a marathon. The point is that your clientele have to enjoy during the event so that it will be an unforgettable experience for them. This is very vital due to the fact that how they feel about the event will greatly affect how they will treasure the breast cancer awareness custom gifts that you will hand them. People more often than not always be reminded that things that are given to them during special events by the simple reason that there are strong emotions attached to these memories. Thereby, the bottom line is to invest on that human fact to be able to increase breast cancer awareness, gain greater visibility and develop brand recall.

Deliver promotional breast cancer awareness items during the month of October.

It a great idea to give breast cancer awareness promo products during this time for the simple reason that the month of October is breast cancer awareness month. As a sign of commemoration, be one of those immense corporations and organizations that will spread consciousness by handing out great personalized gifts to people. There are an ample amount of breast cancer awareness logo imprinted gifts that you can give to your customers. The top personalized products in the list though are: custom printed tote bags, custom tumblers and pink ribbons.

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Do You Feel Safe With Silicone Breast Implants?

Do You Feel Safe With Silicone Breast Implants?

Breast implants are in high demand again. After the FDA gave their approval to silicone breast implants again, the doors for the cosmetic surgery industry are wide open again to welcome the tens of thousands of woman who look for getting breast implants every year.

However, today more than ever the safety of silicone breast implants is discussed despite the FDA approval. The approval did not clean up with all concerns and the FDA itself demands more testing and more studies.

So what is the discussion about and why should silicone implants be a risk? Silicone is supposed to be a material that does not do any harm because it is biological inactive. In the beginnings there was no discussion at all about it. When silicone breast implants were introduced, breast implants became very popular and even breast cancer patients got silicone implants.

The fuss began because some women became ill, and in their opinion it were their silicone breast implants that made them sick. Silicone implants have been used for years until the first concerns did arise.

When the first investigations began, it was a surprise to find out that the FDA at this time did never state weather silicone breast implants were safe or not. Not a single study was performed on the thousands of women who had received breast implants.

It became very clear that much more research was needed. Even today, after years of research though, not all risks are known. It is known that silicone breast implants can cause problems when the implants start to leak. Implants can also be the cause for breast pain and infections.

Another risk factor is the fact that one surgery is not enough. The time comes where you have to replace or remove the implants. Getting silicone breast implants also means having multiple surgeries over time. Often within the next five years already.

Silicone implants are preferred because of their superior attributes to saline filled implants. While a leaking saline implant does not cause much harm, what happens when the silicone leaks into the body? With more than 300,000 breast implant surgeries per year this becomes an important question.

Even more because in 90 percent of all cases these surgeries are performed for no medical reason. Otherwise healthy women go under a surgery and get implants which probably make them ill sooner or later. And most of these women are young, in the age between 25 and 45.

For most women the breast implant surgery shall bring a C cup size or increase the volume which has been lost over years. Most women are satisfied with their implants, not many want them removed but many wish they had chosen an even bigger implant.

Although overall satisfaction with silicone implants is good, the risks are still there and unanswered questions remain. At least the public awareness is there now and studies are performed.

If you are going for silicone breast implants, you know that by today’s standards breast implants are pretty safe. There is no absolute guarantee though, but it is questionable if it ever will be achieved.

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Health Concerns With Breast Implants

Health Concerns With Breast Implants

When cosmetic surgery is brought to the table, among the first procedures that often come to mind is breast augmentation. The reason for this is that it is among the most popular cosmetic procedure as it also remains to be the most requested. But despite all that, it is also true that there are health issues concerning breast implants. To tackle more about these issues, let’s discuss them one by one.


The latest controversy that brought breast implants into the limelight the past year was PIP scandal. Women who received this type of implants complained that of ruptures and leaks, which caused a worldwide recall of the said implants. This brought a scare to those who are affected and also got those who are planning to get one very much worried.

But in general breast implants are not really intended to last a lifetime. Just like any tangible thing, these can also succumb to eventual wear and tear. That is why experts advise that breast implants ought to be removed or changed after ten years or more.


It is true that there are listed complications when it comes to breast augmentation. Some of the documented complications include infection, sensation changes to the breast, implant displacement permanent scarring, and capsular contractures. These can be avoided or the incidence of it from occurring can be minimized through proper choice of surgeon, a thorough evaluation and the right techniques.


There have been anecdotal links between breast implants and autoimmune disorders such as scleroderma. But according to a major review that was published in 2000 after 20 studies have been conducted worldwide, there was no evidence associating implants and connective tissue diseases or autoimmune problems. This implies that a woman who is experiencing such problems will develop this problem with or without the implants.


Capsular contractures are undoubtedly one of the most uncomfortable experiences one could have with breast implants. This occurs due to the scar tissue that forms around the implants. This can cause the breast implants to harden, go out of shape, and create an outward shift of the breasts. A capsular contracture is considered to be the most common change after implantation, but it can take place either a few weeks to years after surgery. In order to correct the problem, surgery may be needed to remove the scar capsule in a process called capsulotomy.


A lot of women are expressing concern on whether if breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer. According to Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, M.D. in the Mayo Clinic website, back in 2011 the FDA found a possible link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). But further studies showed that the connection was not well-defined and isn’t really clearly supported.

For any concerns on the matter, it is best to discuss this with your doctor. Also in cases where a woman with implants develops cancer, the proper course of treatment should be discussed.


Women who received breast implants are advised to get routine breast screening for cancer, just as women who don’t have it done. This can either be done every two years. A mammogram is a procedure where two plates gently press the breast to get an image of what is inside. Women with implants should inform the radiologist that they have it because this can take more time to finish getting a clear image. Also this is to protect the implants from getting too much pressure during the procedure.


Another concern that women have with implants is whether it can affect breast milk or their ability to breastfeed. According to an American study back in 1999, there was no established risk between silicone breast implants and breastfeeding. However, the type of incision that is made during breast augmentation surgery can affect one’s ability to breastfeed. That is why patients should discuss this with their surgeon, especially if they are still in their childbearing years.

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