Knowing What The 8 Diabetes Symptoms Are

Knowing What The 8 Diabetes Symptoms Are

Knowing what the 8 diabetes symptoms are is critical for your health so that you can avoid the complications that can cause death if you do not treat it immediately. If you think you have any of these symptoms, you should contact your doctor to see if you have developed diabetes.

Knowing what the 8 diabetes symptoms are:

* Always feeling tired – If you are always feeling tired no matter how much sleep you are getting is one of the signs of diabetes. Being tired happens because your body’s cells are not getting enough glucose energy as it requires. Although there is enough insulin, your body becomes resistant.

* Being thirsty all the time – If you notice that you start drinking more water than you normally do could be a symptom of diabetes.

* Increased hunger – Feeling hungry more than usual and not being able to satisfy your hunger is also a sign of diabetes.

* Weight loss – Losing weight unexpectedly is also a sign of diabetes.

* Having blurred vision – Not being able to see as clearly as normal with or without glasses can also be a symptom of diabetes. What actually happens is that the lenses of your eyes shrink and swell as your blood glucose falls and rises, this causes your vision to blur because your eyes cannot adjust quickly enough to these changes in the lenses of your eyes.

* Getting leg cramps – If you start getting leg cramps when you have never had these symptoms before could be a sign of diabetes.

* Urine output increase – If your urine output has increased means that your could have diabetes. You need to be careful to make sure that you do not become dehydrated.

* Wounds not healing – If you notice that your wounds are not healing quickly or at all could be a symptom of diabetes.

The 8 diabetes symptoms that you should know about are vital to detect as early as possible so that they don’t become potentially dangerous and lead to the any complications that are associated with this terrible disease we call diabetes.

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