Is A Breast Pump Good For Me?

Is A Breast Pump Good For Me?

How can a breast pump help you in your daily life? You’d be surprised. Many women will tell you just how important breast feeding is to babies, though many of them can’t take time away from their work or personal lives to breast feed a baby as he or she needs at all times. These mothers are constantly “on call,” and just like anyone who’s expected to be on duty at all times, they need a break. They can’t be expected to be able to respond to a baby’s needs twenty four hours a day, so oftentimes a mother turns to a breast pump to provide the essential nutrients a baby needs whenever he or she needs it.

Keep in mind that the breast pump itself doesn’t actually do much if you don’t know how to properly use it. In order to properly use a breast pump you’re going to have to plan ahead and consider your baby’s future needs for milk. If you don’t, you’ll simply find yourself in the same position you were in previously; you’ll have to be “on call” and ready to give your baby the breast milk he or she needs at any given time. Of course, we don’t want that. We want to allow you, the mother, plenty of time to have to yourself when your child is breast feeding.

So, let’s get down to basics. What type of breast pumps are readily available on the market today? You’d be surprised at just how many types and brands there are, so choose based upon your comfort level, both physically and financially. Many breast pumps come with features that you may not need at higher costs, so don’t settle without doing some shopping first. In this article we’ll discuss some of the different breast pump types and how you can figure out which of these you’ll want to use based on your own needs.

As you might expect, electric breast pumps are extremely popular. Why is this? Well, an already overworked and fatigued mother won’t have to do manual labor to allow her milk to be expressed into a bottle. These are typically battery powered and even have features such as the ability to adapt to the mother’s most comfortable rhythm when bringing out the milk from her breast. These, of course, do command a higher price than the next type of pump.

This next type of pump, as you might have expected, is a manual pump. These are just as effective as electric breast pumps, so don’t feel as though a lower cost means less effectiveness. In fact, the opposite is sometimes true if the mother doesn’t feel comfortable using an electric pump due to breast sensitivity. A mother using this type of pump can go at the speed and rhythm she desires, bringing down any discomfort level. You’ll be amazed at just how much less a manual pump costs versus an electric pump, so go nuts!

I hope that this article has answered some of your questions as to which breast pump you should consider!

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