How to use acupuncture for headache


How to use acupuncture for headache

Acupuncture is one of the oldest and successful headache treatments used in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine strongly utilizes the natural or in-built body energy to cure the pain. They call this natural life energy as Qi, which is pronounced as “chee”. This energy flows through a human body along pathways or channels, which is known as meridians. When the natural energy lying within a human body becomes unbalanced and disrupted, it leads to a plethora of health problems.
The main objective of this Chinese treatment is to rebalance and release the flow of natural energy by placing tiny needles at specific points that are known as acupuncture points. Normally, these points are situated on your arms, legs or shoulders. Overall acupuncture treatment is not as painful and terrible as it sounds. Normally, a person experiences a negligible discomfort as a tiny needle penetrates the skin, but after that all a person experience is the pleasant sensations and sometimes even sleepy.

The duration and frequency of this Acupuncture for Headache in Morristown depend on various factors. It includes what type of headache a person is suffering from (migraine, tension and sinus headaches) and since how long is he suffering from the pain, severity and frequency of his/her headaches, location of his/her headaches, specific time of day or night when he/she get them to name a few.
An acupuncturist needs to know all these facts in order to begin the best suitable treatment to cure a headache and other body pains. For example, migraine headache often points towards a gallbladder meridian and is the best point for a “preventive approach”, which involves 8 to 10 acupuncture treatments. Sometimes, therapists also use some of the well-known Chinese herbs and a healthy diet. On contrary, tension headaches are completed related to the blockage of a stomach meridian and require a totally different treatment approach when compared to migraine headache treatment. It includes changes in lifestyle such as introducing stress-reduction exercises like yoga or Thai Chi into the daily routine. This helps a person to reduce muscle tension that are put otherwise and promote relaxation.
In order to devise an effective treatment plan, acupuncturists first look into the medical records of a person and study the nature of pain. Only then, they plan a customized treatment which is only designed to cure the pain. Whilst some headache symptoms and other pains such neck pain and body pains are relieved after the first acupuncture treatment, which may take 5 to 30 minutes, while chronic and severe headaches do require eight or ten sittings. Even though multiple studies around the world conducted by the experts have proven the effectiveness of this treatment, the procedure of this therapy remains unknown and is passed from generations to generations. Some experts suggest by igniting the energy flow lie within one’s body, it stabilizes the levels of serotonin or neurotransmitter in the brain. Stabilizing these levels is highly necessary to cure migraine headaches. Another theory believes that acupuncture promotes the production of endorphins or natural substances that brain releases to relieve pain. Besides, acupuncture for neck pain in Morristown and other therapies are equally effective.
If you are tired of constant headaches that interfere with your daily activities and prevent you from enjoying your life, try acupuncture as a safe and effective treatment!


The author is a licensed Acupuncturist in Morristown.