First Response Pregnancy Test – For When You Just Cant Wait!

First Response Pregnancy Test – For When You Just Cant Wait!

If you think you are pregnant, waiting to be able to take a pregnancy test can be the most unbearable wait of your entire life. Crossing off each day on your schedule, wishing that the date of your period was there so that you could discover if you are pregnant with the baby you are dreaming about, basically wishing away parts of your life each month. Of course, with a first response pregnancy test, the wait is over!

1. Extreme Sensitivity

It is the case that most pregnancy test kits are not recommended for use until the day you are expecting your period to come. In comparison, first response pregnancy tests are slightly more sensitive (not necessarily more accurate). According to the instructions, this pregnancy test kit can reveal your impending pregnancy four days earlier than its rivals. I don’t know about you but for a woman stressing over a possible pregnancy four days can mean a whole lot.

2. Multipacks

Even tests that are 99.99% accurate aren’t really that accurate. 99.99% means that one out of every 10,000 women have a test that fails – and this is only true for tests done at the normal time. For an early pregnancy test, you can’t achieve anywhere near 100% accuracy. If you do the math, what 99. 99% really means is that for one in every 10,000 women, their tests fail. The ability for you to test again around the time your period is due is therefore invaluable.

3. The HCG Hormone

The test actually works by measuring the hCG hormone levels in the woman’s urine. If the levels are too low, then a negative result will be given. If this is the result you have, try testing again around the time your period is due when the hormone level will be higher. If you still have a negative result, but your period doesn’t occur, wait another few days and test even a third time. You can take the test at any time of day but you should know that your hormone levels will be much more concentrated during the early morning. Tests provide results in as early as three minutes.

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