ADHD Treatments – What Are The Alternative Treatments For ADHD?

ADHD Treatments – What Are The Alternative Treatments For ADHD?

Are you a parent dealing with economic downturns and wondering what are the alternative treatments for ADHD simply because you are desperately looking for a break in costly medications. Perhaps you are a parent worried about the side effects of Ritalin and want a safer proven option. You’ll be relieved to learn that you do have options.

ADHD patients are impulsive, are easily distracted or are distracting, have difficulty concentrating and often are super hyperactive. So the medical community focuses on minimizing the symptoms so these folks can interact with society. The problem is that the medications place a weighty burden on the ADHD patient with serious side effects.

There is much debate about drugs affecting the brain development of our children. Even the drug companies cannot give us comfort by telling us exactly how these drugs work, nor do they reveal how our kids may be affected in the long term They won’t profit from letting you know what are the alternative treatments for ADHD so its up to you to do the discovery.

Changes in diet, targeted approaches to learning and the use of homeopathic remedies can all have a positive effect on ADHD symptoms and can even address the underlying cause of the condition to produce long term results. Of course, each case is different and so some trial and error will be necessary to find the right approach for each person, but with a little patience it is possible to avoid using prescription meds.

Now what are the alternative treatments for ADHD? Some dietary changes like removing sugar and caffeine from the diet, eliminating artificially colored food additives, dropping refined carbohydrates and wheat products from the diet are the simplest natural changes. However, changing diet doesn’t always produce a big change in ADHD symptoms.

Another way to control behavior without using drugs is through the use of methods such as Auditory and neurofeedback and musical therapy. The use of sound or electronic impulses can help ADHD patients to focus and control their brain activity. Musical therapy is another way to use sound to help improve focus and reduce impulsive responses. Yoga and massage therapy are also quite helpful as tools for helping ADHD patients to remain calm and ease physical twitching.

As for homeopathic remedies, look for products made from natural ingredients like Arsen iod, Tuberculinum, and Hyoscyamus. These ingredients actually treat the chemical and neurological imbalances causing ADHD. They temper the symptoms without all the dangerous chemical toxins found in stimulant drugs.

While exact approaches to managing ADHD will vary from patient to patient, the fact remains that you do not have to rely on stimulant based medications to control symptoms. There are many different methods available to help reduce hyperactivity and improve focus and patients and their families should not hesitate to explore every possible avenue until they find the one which works best for them.

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