ADHD Information – Exploring the Expanding World of Alternative ADHD Treatments

ADHD Information – Exploring the Expanding World of Alternative ADHD Treatments

What are the alternative treatments for ADHD? It’s a question that many adult ADHD patients and the parents of children with ADHD have been asking more and more frequently in recent years. As the efficacy of using stimulant based medications has fallen into question, parents, doctors and therapists have sought alternative methods for controlling the disruptive symptoms of ADHD.

Because the lack of concentration, hyperactivity, distracting behavior and impulsiveness that characterize ADHD can make it hard for patients to function well in social circumstances, an emphasis has been put on easing those symptoms. In most cases, this is achieved through the use of stimulant based medications. While these medications may ease symptoms, they can also carry serious side effects, making their use less than ideal for many patients.

As the debate over stimulant based medications rages on, many physicians believe that the damage caused by these medications far outweighs any benefits. As a result they have begun to ask what are the alternative treatments for ADHD. The answer to that question is many and varied, with a host of different remedies and behavioral management techniques being used with different levels of success depending on the individual patient.

Changes in diet, targeted approaches to learning and the use of homeopathic remedies can all have a positive effect on ADHD symptoms and can even address the underlying cause of the condition to produce long term results. Of course, each case is different and so some trial and error will be necessary to find the right approach for each person, but with a little patience it is possible to avoid using prescription meds.

So exactly what are the alternative treatments for ADHD? The simplest and most common is making changes to the diet. Not every ADHD patient will respond to dietary changes, but many have pronounced success from simply removing natural stimulants like sugar and caffeine, limiting artificial colors and flavors, and eliminating wheat and refined carbohydrates.

Another way to control behavior without using drugs is through the use of methods such as Auditory and neurofeedback and musical therapy. The use of sound or electronic impulses can help adhd patients to focus and control their brain activity. Musical therapy is another way to use sound to help improve focus and reduce impulsive responses. Yoga and massage therapy are also quite helpful as tools for helping ADHD patients to remain calm and ease physical twitching.

For all ADHD patients and their families, when considering what are the alternative treatments for ADHD, one of the most exciting answers is the use of homeopathic remedies. Made from natural, plant based ingredients like Hyoscyamus, Arsen iod, and Tuberculinum, these remedies can actually target the chemical and neurological imbalances which cause ADHD to help ease symptoms without subjecting patients to the dangerous side effects of traditional medications.

While exact approaches to managing ADHD will vary from patient to patient, the fact remains that you do not have to rely on stimulant based medications to control symptoms. There are many different methods available to help reduce hyperactivity and improve focus and patients and their families should not hesitate to explore every possible avenue until they find the one which works best for them.

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