3 Reasons A Jones Act Seaman Should Not Use Private Health Insurance To Pay For A Work Related Injury

three Factors A Jones Act Seaman Should Not Use Personal Well being Insurance coverage To Spend For A Function Connected Damage

If you are an offshore maritime employee and you suffer an damage at perform, extremely frequently you will be faced with the decision of whether or not or not you must use your private health insurance to pay for health care remedy associated to your work injury. The Jones Act will usually apply to your case, and there are at least 3 essential reasons that you should not use your own private insurance to pay out for medical treatment method relating to a Jones Act injury.

1 concern with trying to use your own personal insurance coverage to spend for a operate-related maritime damage relates to the language of your insurance coverage policy. Many personal overall health insurance policies incorporate language which states that the policy does not provide coverage for a function-relevant injury. Really frequently maritime employers will request or even instruct an injured worker to use their personal private wellness insurance coverage to shell out for healthcare remedy relating to a work injury. If the worker does not completely describe to his medical professionals that his injury occurred at perform, occasionally the employer will later on claim that the worker was primarily committing fraud by making use of his private overall health insurance coverage to spend for a work-connected damage. In quick, your employer may consider to accuse you of striving to cheat your very own private well being insurance if you consider to obtain medical remedy for a perform-connected damage via your private insurance coverage. Numerous employers will do this even if the employer itself requested for you to use your personal private overall health insurance!

Also, most well being insurance companies have language in your insurance policy which states that the insurance company has a lien or appropriate to be repaid any income that they shell out for medical treatment method in the event that you recover funds from a third celebration. In other phrases, even if your overall health insurance coverage company does spend for healthcare remedy relating to your Jones Act injury, when you try out to resolve your claim or you existing your claim in court, your well being insurance coverage business will demand that you repay them for any health care bills which they covered. At times this lien can make it difficult to resolve your Jones Act claim with your employer since you in essence owe your personal insurance coverage business money out of any prospective settlement that you could receive.

Lastly, there is also a practical concern with employing personal well being insurance coverage to cover function-related injuries below the Jones Act. In a Jones Act declare it is often crucial to quickly notify your employer as nicely as your employer’s insurance firm of your operate-associated injury. If personal well being insurance coverage is employed to pay for healthcare therapy immediately following your damage, this can occasionally delay the correct reporting of your perform injury to your employer’s Jones Act insurance company. Then, when a delayed claim is filed months later, your employer’s Jones Act insurance coverage organization might contest your declare or dispute that it was correctly reported to them in a timely vogue. It is very best to quickly report your Jones Act damage and immediately require that your employer spend for all injury connected health-related costs.

A Jones Act employer will have a really unique insurance coverage policy which supplies insurance coverage for any operate-connected injuries to its workers. It is quite crucial that all Jones Act damage claims be filed beneath this variety of insurance coverage. If you are asked to use your very own private health insurance to shell out for health care bills relating to a Jones Act injury, it is best to refuse to do so. If your employer is not ready to spend for your medical expenditures instantly following your damage, this is usually a good signal that you want to receive an attorney since your employer is not even covering your fundamental proper to health care remedy under the Jones Act.

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